Startup Showcase: Shift Industries is revolutionizing the logistics industry

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Are you tired of waiting days for your parcel to arrive? Have you ever struggled to find a reliable courier service for your business deliveries? Shift, the on-demand technology platform, is here to solve these issues and change the logistics industry for the better.

Introducing Shift Industries

Shift is a startup based in London that is disrupting the traditional delivery and logistics industry. Their tech-based platform connects consumers and businesses with independent drivers and fleets of vehicles to provide a cost-effective, on-demand delivery service. Founded in 2017, Shift has quickly built a network of over 10,000 registered drivers on its platform and is transforming the way deliveries are made across the UK.

Smart algorithms for efficient delivery

Shift’s platform uses smart algorithms to match jobs with the most suitable drivers in real time. This means that deliveries can be made in a more efficient and cost-effective way than traditional courier services. Shift’s platform allows customers and businesses to track their deliveries in real-time, so they’re always aware of delivery times and progress.

Team with strong industry expertise

Shift is led by CEO Jacob Corlett, who has extensive experience in the logistics and tech industries. The senior management team includes veterans from app-based platforms such as Deliveroo, Uber, and Gett. The c.80 team members, many of whom are software engineers, have built a highly effective platform that is rapidly scaling to capitalize on their first mover advantage.

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Next-gen logistics for consumers and businesses

Shift’s on-demand delivery marketplace is set to reimagine the logistics industry. They specialize in same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and other tailored logistics solutions catered to businesses’ and consumers’ needs. Shift’s innovative platform allows for flexible delivery options, as well as a lower cost and more efficient service than traditional courier companies.


Overall, Shift Industries is an innovative startup that is disrupting the logistics industry. Its platform offers customers and businesses an efficient solution to their delivery needs, and its smart technology offers a significant improvement over traditional courier services. Shift’s unique approach to on-demand delivery is set to revolutionize the logistics industry, and with a strong team behind it, we can expect this startup to continue to scale and thrive.





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