Startup Showcase: Strove – Boosting Employee Wellbeing for Stronger, Healthier Businesses

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Strove is a wellbeing platform that aims to promote the mental and physical health of employees around the world. The platform is designed to help businesses unleash the full potential of their people by prioritising their wellbeing. It provides invaluable real-time insights into employees’ physical and mental health, as well as metrics on employee engagement.

Why is Strove Important?

The science is clear: companies that prioritise their people’s wellbeing and put them first can cut absenteeism, increase retention and boost productivity. By promoting healthy habits such as regular exercise, better sleep, meditation and mindfulness, Strove has the potential to create a positive ripple effect across entire companies.

How Does Strove Work?

Strove’s platform provides employees with tools to help them track their workout data, daily steps, meditation sessions and sleep. By doing so, employees are rewarded for their dedication to their health and wellness. Individual and group challenges, leaderboards, and social features drive daily engagement, while the Strove learning portal provides easily digestible wellbeing content. This combination of features inspires sustainable behavioral change for a healthier and happier workforce.

What Sets Strove Apart?

Strove provides a unique win-win situation for both employers and employees. Employers gain valuable insights into their workforce’s health data, enabling them to make more informed decisions about their employees’ wellbeing. Employees have the benefit of a personalised wellness program that rewards them for their efforts and encourages them to engage with the programme daily. With Strove, businesses can meet the dual objectives of looking after their employees and improving their bottom line.

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Join the Mission

At Strove, our mission is to build stronger and healthier businesses by prioritising employee wellbeing. By using our platform, businesses can create a healthier, happier and more productive workforce. Our approach can transform your business culture and bring a positive impact on your bottom line. Join us on our mission to promote mental and physical wellbeing globally.





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