Startup Showcase: Splt – The Integrated Payment System Revolutionizing Group Payments

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Effortlessly Split Payments with Splt

When it comes to group payments, the process can be time-consuming, complicated and sometimes even contentious. Splt is here to change all that by offering an integrated payment system designed to make paying for things as a group, effortless. The London-based startup’s payment system allows friends and family to pay their share seamlessly at the point of purchase.

The innovative payment solution has been primarily designed for businesses that frequently process bookings for groups of three or more customers. This includes airlines, accommodation, hospitality and entertainment providers, who do not have built-in capabilities to manage individual payments from multiple individuals within a single booking. By integrating seamlessly into existing payment setups, the platform works across all platforms and markets, and allows businesses using the platform to process multiple payments against a single booking reference.

Splt’s Unique Selling Proposition

Splt’s middleware is intuitively designed to fit within existing payment systems without an external brand marker, creating a uniquely embedded social booking environment. This environment is specifically designed to increase conversion rates on group bookings by making booking activities and experiences as a group, the pleasure it should be.

The company’s payment solution is truly white-labelled, meaning that businesses can customize the platform to their branding, creating an integrated payment system that looks like it’s part of their existing payment stack. Customers will then be able to quickly and efficiently pay for their bookings with no need for external payment systems or complicated spreadsheets.

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Transparent Reporting

One of the key benefits of using Splt is that it provides businesses with transparent reporting. Businesses can easily view what each member of the group has paid and when payments were made. This feature makes it easier for businesses to keep track of who has paid, reducing the likelihood of disagreements and complaints about payments or reimbursement.


Splt is an exciting startup that offers a practical solution to a recurring problem. Its transparent payment system, coupled with its user-friendly interface, makes it an ideal payment solution for businesses that regularly process bookings for groups of individuals. The company’s white-labelling feature offers businesses additional branding opportunities, which can increase conversions, while its integration with existing payment systems creates seamless payment experiences for customers.


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