Which are 2023’s Leading Innovative UK Startups in the Recycling Industry?

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Recycling has become an integral part of our daily lives, as industries and consumers alike aim towards creating a sustainable environment. This focus on sustainability has led to a surge in innovative recycling startups in the United Kingdom, each with their unique approach to waste management. This article will explore the approach, achievements, and goals of 15 noteworthy recycling startups that offer creative solutions to some of our world’s biggest waste problems.

Largely motivated by the goal to create a sustainable future, these startups employ advanced technologies and innovative strategies to tackle waste management. From companies aiming at eliminating polymer waste, manufacturing eco-friendly products to developing recycling infrastructure, this list showcases the diversity and creativity in the recycling sector of the United Kingdom.

The impact made by these companies is not merely environmental. Many of these startups also contribute significantly to the economy, by creating jobs, reducing expenses for waste management, and stimulating development in related sectors. So let’s delve in to explore these pioneering companies aiming to reshape the future of waste management in the United Kingdom.


Yodomo, found by Sophie Rochester, incentivizes the re-use of materials through courses in craftmaking for well-being. A great merge of content creation, lifestyle, E-Learning, waste management, and sustainability.


Founded by Jonas Detlefsen, Lara Stallbaum, and Marius Krüger – SWEDISH FALL aims to fight fashion waste by turning its customers into recyclers through their fashion brand.

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Buengo, founded by Alex Hancock and Fela Hughes, allows people to sell the stuff they no longer need. The app motivates people to recycle by donating the proceeds of their sales to good causes.

BIG Atom

BIG Atom, founded by Alexander Guslisty and Toby Moss, is on a mission to end polymer waste. They are engaged in developing, building and operating new generation infrastructure for processing waste.

Recycle Force

Recycle Force is an enterprise that focusses on waste management and recycling, targeting energy management and waste management areas specifically.

Deep Branch Biotechnology

Deep Branch Biotechnology, founded by Peter Rowe and Robert Mansfield, aims to transform polluters into producers using scalable technology focused on animal feed and recycling.


Matter, founded by Adam Root, provides solutions for capturing, harvesting, and recycling microplastics from wastewater, playing a crucial role in water purification and waste management.

Poseidon Plastics

Poseidon Plastics specializes in the field of chemical recycling, providing high-tech specialty solutions for rubber manufacturing, waste management, environmental consulting and more.


ODS is a socially driven enterprise providing services in recycling and waste management, civil engineering, fleet and electric vehicles, pest control, and more.


Waterhaul specializes in manufacturing a wide range of sunglasses, optical glasses, and utility knives, all while maintaining strong recycling ethics within its production processes.

Vivid Acoustics

Vivid Acoustics offers a wide range of acoustic products with optimum levels of acoustic absorption for various sectors, incorporating recycling within its manufacturing processes.


99Plas is a transparent, global supply chain platform of plastics, equipping industries around the world with ecological services, thus strengthening recycling efforts at an international scale.

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Low Sulphur Fuels

Low Sulphur Fuels, founded by Glenn Halliday and John Taylor, provides one of the most advanced, low-cost solutions to convert used hydrocarbon materials into recoverable condensate and naphtha.


Mintfinity supports the vision of a sustainable future, providing solutions that facilitate the serialisation of products, creating digital ownership for consumers.


Last but not least, Lasso, founded by Aldous Hicks and Alison Richardson, is a cleantech startup that develops a closed-loop domestic recycling appliance, bringing the recycling initiative right into our homes.

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