Which are London’s Most Influential Construction Startups in 2023?

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As the construction industry evolves, startups in London are making significant strides by harnessing technology to make building and construction easier, faster, and more efficient. The following 15 startups showcase the innovation happening right now in London’s construction sector. They are combining areas like augmented reality, machine learning, SaaS and AI to usher a new wave of solutions for the UK construction industry.

These startups range from tackling challenges in project management, to developing cutting-edge software solutions, to utilizing artificial intelligence for better project execution paths. They represent London’s burgeoning construction tech scene, giving a glimpse of what the future of construction could look like in the city and the wider UK.

Here’s a closer look at these startups, each one bringing forth new ideas and solutions that are disrupting the traditional construction industry.

XYZ Reality

XYZ Reality was co-founded by David Mitchell, Murray Hendriksen, and Umar Ahmed. The startup leverages augmented reality, transforming construction with a unique solution capable of reducing project costs by up to 20%.


Formed by Dr David Selviah and Roger Maran, Correvate commercialises point cloud processing technology that first emerged from UCL, contributing to the 3D Tech, Cloud Computing, and Construction industries.


Co-founders Dan Hardiker, Edward Robertshaw, and Gregory Keane aim to connect main contractors to reliable residential projects through Weaver.build, a mobile app.

Xcavate Robotics

Launched by Senake Atureliya, Xcavate Robotics provides excavator OEM/retrofit and automation solutions to lower project time, cost, and emissions while creating subterranean spaces.

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Sheldon Mydat’s Suppeco is a cloud-native SaaS platform promoting adaptability and resilience by building on customer-supplier relationships.


Providing a B2B Marketplace for construction waste and equipment hire, Skrap is the brainchild of Ahmed Rao, Hussain Hilli, and Marwan Field.


Aprao, co-founded by Daniel Norman and Jonathan Raoult, is a B2B SaaS company revolutionising the real estate industry with innovative software.


Including AI, Construction, Machine Learning, Project Management, and Scheduling in its portfolio, nPlan was created by Alan Mosca and Dev Amratia to provide certainty in project schedules by indicating risk and suggesting optimal paths.

Qualis Flow

Brittany Harris and Jade Cohen’s Qualis Flow is a cloud-based tool that automates the capture, digitisation and analysis of live construction data.

URECO Property

URECO Property, spearheaded by Edward Batchelor and Philip Goodman, is a property investment company providing expertise in construction and investment.


Co-founded by Zara Riahi, Contilio is a 3D AI construction analytics platform offering actionable intelligence in real-time and unlocking billion-dollar savings and automated payments.


Carlos Carvalho and Elliot Williams established Aphex, a construction planning platform that aims to enhance onsite project coordination and daily communication.

Notting Hill Genesis

Notting Hill Genesis, a London housing association, delivers affordable houses for all.


OpenCell pioneers the construction of biotech labs in shipping containers, making biotechnology accessible and affordable.


Gavril Cornea’s TUL caters to the B2B market by providing construction equipment.

In sum, these 15 startups are not only transforming the construction industry in London but are also setting trends for the global construction industry to watch out for. By combining technology and construction, these companies are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in this sector.

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