Which Are London’s Most Influential PR Startups Making Headlines in 2023?

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London, widely regarded as a hub for startups, has seen the rise of multiple innovative and impactful Public Relations companies. These start-ups are incorporating technology and creativity, providing impressive services to various industries and sectors across the UK and globally.

They have made strides in AI, analytics, brand marketing and a plethora of other areas, greatly changing the landscape of the PR world. They have harnessed innovative solutions to tackle traditional challenges, offering immense value to their clients.

Below, we browse through 15 such Public Relations startups, shedding light on their work, their teams and the industries that they cater to.


An AI-based company, Factmata masters the automated content understanding. Founded by Andreas Vlachos, Dhruv Ghulati and Sebastian Riedel, this startup excels in analytics, brand marketing, machine learning, news, SaaS, social media marketing, and text analytics.


High Profile Club, found by Brad Constantinescu, David Lewis, and Rafael dos Santos is a media agency that specializes in advertising and public relations.

Tyto PR

Tyto, co-ordinated by Brendon Craigie and Ellen Raphael, is an innovative European PR agency that focuses on the intersect between technology, science and innovation. The company works in the content marketing and public relations verticals.

Walnut Unlimited

Walnut Unlimited is a human understanding agency that specialises in market research and public relations.

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OVID Health

Founded by Jenny Ousbey, OVID Health is a healthcare communication agency in the healthcare, public relations, and real estate sectors.

Gallium Ventures

Gallium Ventures, led by Heather Delaney, is a multi-award-winning strategic communications consultancy, providing services to startups and large companies globally. They are known for their work in brand marketing, consulting, consumer electronics, crowd funding, gaming, marketing, public relations, and social media marketing.

Make Honey

Make Honey excels in providing public relations, social media, analytics, video production, and content marketing services.


PoliMonitor is a political technology company that provides services like monitoring, analysis, and engagement through AI and automation. Their key focus is on analytics, artificial intelligence, politics, and public relations.

District Eight PR

District Eight PR is a PR, social and digital communications agency that amplifies brand stories and generates impactful publicity.


Empower politics with A.I., analytics and targeted advertising is the motto of Worldacquire, co-founded by Christopher Treshan Perera. They offer services in ad targeting, advertising, analytics, data visualization, digital marketing, market research, marketing automation, politics, public relations, social media advertising.


Part of the Dantani Sports Group, Orddit is a Sports Tech company that specialises in analytics, media monitoring and PR. This enterprise was founded by Omar Al Raisi.

Platform 195

Platform 195 is an advertising firm that is known for their work in public relations, creative ideation, branding, and intelligent marketing services. Stuart Adamson is a key figure at the firm.


Coined by Tamara Sword, ThoughtLDR provides insightful content, authentic PR, and inbound marketing to their tech clients to enable well-grounded influence

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Crowdify Global

Crowdify Global is a platform catering to a plethora of services in web design, digital marketing, advertising, brand marketing, and public relations.

Memetic Communications

Memetic Communications, led by David Lewis, is a public relations company providing strategic content solutions for PR and marketing, including in the events sector.

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