Which Bristol-Based App Startups Are Influencing the UK Tech Scene?

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Bristol has fast emerged as a hotbed for innovations and technological advancements. Computing and software industries have witnessed a rapid rise in app start-ups from this region. These burgeoning companies are not only enriching the technology landscape but are also fostering job creation and contributing massively to the UK’s economy. The city is home to avant-garde start-ups specializing in different app industries from FinTech to travel, data analytics to e-commerce solutions and much more. Let’s analyze some of these trailblazing Bristol-based app start-ups.

One noteworthy observation about Bristol’s start-up ecosystem is the prevalence of mobile and web app firms that cater to a diverse range of industries. This melting pot of innovation is spurred by Bristol’s dynamic and conducive start-up environment that supports the rapid growth and scalability of these business enterprises. Beyond just economic contribution, these burgeoning start-ups are solving real-world problems through their technology-driven solutions.

From making financial services seamless to boosting customer loyalty in various businesses, these innovators are using cutting-edge technology to redefine how enterprises operate. Furthermore, with sustainability being the core ethos of Bristol, several green start-ups are integrating eco-friendly solutions into their businesses. Without further ado, let’s delve into some of these remarkable app start-ups based in Bristol.


Payaca, co-founded by Matthew Franklin, aims to streamline the workings of customer-focused service businesses through its World-class B2B SaaS. Operating in the sphere of B2B, Financial services, FinTech, Mobile Apps, SaaS, and Software, Payaca’s solutions intend to transform business operations.

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Vounder Analytics

Vounder Analytics provides data implementation, application programming interfaces, and real-time analytic services. Their solutions are tailored to deliver on all fronts in Analytics, Apps, Consulting, and Real-Time industries.


Another promising start-up, 48K, focuses on automation and bespoke software solutions that cater to the Information Technology, Mobile Apps, and Software industry.


Co-Founded by Gareth Lippiatt and Harley Thorne, FanHub is an engaging app that rewards fans for their brand loyalty. This innovative endeavour uniquely sits at the intersection of technology and marketing.

Xavier Analytics

Offering a companion for accounting professionals, Xavier Analytics facilitates the interpretation and cleaning of Xero data, greatly enhancing the accounting, Financial Services, FinTech, and Web Apps spaces.


Pax2Pay offers robust digital payment solutions that include web-based management tools, manual and automatic payments in the Apps, Mobile Apps, and Payments industry.


Helmed by Gavin Heavyside, COCO+ is a B2B travel management platform that aids companies in offsetting their carbon footprint in association with ClimateCare, providing a unique confluence of travel and sustainability.


Morrow pioneers React Native apps for forward-thinking businesses, transforming the way they operate in the Mobile Apps, Software, and Web Apps industries.


With its distinct offering, Postcall delivers customer satisfaction surveys for air call, ring central, and zendesk talks in the realm of Apps, Information Technology, and Software.


Founded by Ben Howes and Jess Saumarez, Hedira offers an innovative app that ensures healthier houseplants by analysing their species and their placement in the house in AgTech, Consumer, Mobile Apps, and Software industries.

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Spearheaded by Chris Jacobs and Thomas Guy, SailTies provides capture, relive, and share sailing services through a well-designed app which is changing the Mobile Apps and Sailing industry.


Founded by Jay Conlon and Tom Galea, Lumenate is working ardently on making subconscious exploration experiences more accessible, bringing a unique touch to the Mobile Apps and Wellness space.


Dooo is an online platform offering on-call hair styling services to the Consumer, Internet, Mobile Apps, and Personal Health market, making styling more accessible and convenient.

Tiny Spark

Part of the Istoria GroupTiny Spark offers e-commerce solutions, web development, and visual design services gaining ground in the E-Commerce Platforms, UX Design, Web Apps, and Web Development spaces.


Founded by James Virgo, Dittofi provides a professional no-code platform for developers and product managers to create enterprise software, augmenting productivity in the Apps, Information Technology, Internet and Software markets.

In conclusion, these Bristol-based app start-ups are leading the charge in the UK’s technology scene, solidifying their cities’ identity as a leading tech hub in the country. With their creative solutions and revolutionary offerings, they are steadily making their mark in their respective sectors. They continue to play a significant role in expanding the UK’s technological boundaries while contributing to its economy.

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