Who Are the Most Influential Staffing Agency Startups in UK Today?

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The world of staffing agencies is expanding and changing at an unprecedented pace. In the UK, new and innovative staffing startups are leveraging technology to re-define the traditional human resources landscape. These firms are using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data science to deliver staffing solutions that are more efficient, effective, and personalised than ever before. Here are 15 UK staffing startups that are leading the way in reshaping the recruitment landscape in the UK.

These startups are disrupting various segments of the recruitment market, from the IT sector to healthcare, hospitality, and beyond. Many of them focus on helping businesses find the niche talent they need, while others aim to democratise the recruitment process, making it more accessible to a wider pool of candidates. In this article, we will look closer at these startups, the unique service they offer and the impact they are creating in the staffing industry.

Each of these startups brings something unique to the table – whether it be novel ways to match candidates with employers, AI algorithms that expedite the hiring process, or innovative models for flexible work arrangements. Their stories demonstrate the breadth and depth of innovation happening within the UK’s staffing industry, and offer a glimpse into the future of recruitment.

Tech Mavens

Tech Mavens is a staffing agency specialising in Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP, IoT fields. Utilising Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques in its operation, this startup has carved a niche for itself in the rapidly advancing AI industry.

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ClickIQ‘s AI-powered job advertising platform harnesses the latest AI and programmatic technology. Co-founded by Beverly Shaw and Richard Collins, this start-up is redefining the advertising, information technology, recruiting and staffing sectors.


KODR.com serves as an IT Job Search Engine for the UK, thereby combining human resources and technology to provide effective hiring solutions to companies working in the technology sphere.

It’s Promotional

Founded by Phil Baker-Kilburn, It’s Promotional is a unique experiential and promotional marketing agency offering advertising, brand marketing, event promotion, marketing and staffing services.

Shift2go Limited

Specialising in the hospitality, driving, warehousing and health sectors, Shift2go Limited offers an on-demand staffing platform. This startup was founded by Damon Cooper, Richy Fennell, and Tim Murray-Brown.


Optask is an on-demand platform that allows businesses to outsource their customer support.

Rest Less

Rest Less helps people over 50 years of age access a variety of resources. Co-founded by Sara Stephens, it operates in the communities, internet, lifestyle, recruiting, and staffing agency sectors.


Anuhya Vuppala and Kumar Vuppala founded HireXtra, an AI-Driven Crowd Staffing Platform for Employers & Hiring Agencies.

Strive Sales

At Strive Sales, they help build world-class go-to-market teams for some of the most disruptive, VC backed software companies across the globe. Specialising in Big Data, Cyber Security, Employment, Recruiting, SaaS and Staffing Agency sectors.

TechStream Group

TechStream Group, founded by Paul Beeke, is a talent solution provider that consists of four portfolio brands each focusing on unique technology streams. Visit their websitehere.


CyberStream is an information and cybersecurity talent acquisition solution provider, meeting the increasing demand for experts in cyber security.

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Trinnovo Group

Trinnovo Group is a recruitment firm that promotes diversity, inclusion, and workplace innovation.

The Rec Hub

Offering subscription-based talent acquisition services and solutions, The Rec Hub is a unique offering by co-founder Harry Bigwood.

Leonid Group

Specialising in recruiting R&D tax, business development, and risk managers and grant funding consultants, Leonid Group is a prominent player in the staffing industry.

Urban Connect

Last but not least, Urban Connect is a specialist recruitment consultancy in Architecture, M&E, Structural & Civil Engineering, Project & Cost Management. It’s a one-stop solution for architecturally-related recruitment needs.

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