Which Credit Startups Are Transforming England’s Financial Landscape in 2023?

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The UK financial technology sector, particularly the credit industry, has witnessed a surge of creative startups keen on enhancing financial services and revolutionising the credit market. This piece will spotlight fifteen such promising UK credit startups that are adding significant value to the financial landscape with their innovative solutions.

These credit startups offer a diverse range of products, from instant personal loans to credit education services and from cutting-edge credit cards to creative debt collection techniques. Their underpinning motivation is to simplify, streamline and democratise credit services for businesses and consumers alike.

Let’s explore these innovative credit startups that are making their mark in the dynamic UK finance space:


Loanable is an online platform that connects customers and businesses in need of finance with lenders who can provide it. This enterprise is actively engaged in the Credit, Financial Services, and FinTech industries.


Yes2Credit, founded by Paul Williams, is a site dedicated entirely to credit education and provides ethical lending solutions. Their services extend across Credit, Credit Cards, Finance, Financial Services, and Personal Finance industries.


Established by John Downie, Oleg Mukanov, and Oleg Mukhanov, SteadyPay is an income-smoothing app designed for the modern economy operating in multiple industries from Apps to Software.

Collection Hub

Collection Hub, the brainchild of Simone Bertolone, serves as a marketplace for debt collection by connecting companies with unpaid account receivables with local debt collectors.

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Carter, led by Merita Memisi, is changing the payments landscape with a special focus on Credit, Credit Cards, and FinTech industries.


Founded by Juan Montalvo Bressi, Martin Magnone, and Nicolas Magnone, Tymit offers traditional credit cards with an additional ‘buy now, pay later’ service.


Finverity, pioneered by Alex Fenechiu and Viacheslav Oganezov, is a mid-market supply chain finance platform helping to close the $1.5T funding gap in global Trade Finance.

LiveMore Mortgages

LiveMore Mortgages is a financial services firm specialising in online mortgage lending for older borrowers.


Chris Butcher and Sho Sugihara’s Pave offers a proper path to good credit across multiple sectors including FinTech and Internet.


Bits, brought to birth by Faisal Khalid, assists users to build credit scores through a digital credit card system, operating across several industries from FinTech to Mobile Apps.

Baker Ing

Baker Ing is a receivables management company with operations in Credit Cards, Financial Services, and Legal fields.


Initiated by Jhanzaib Nemat, Funding11 is a financial body offering financing, credit and land loans for individuals and businesses.

Claim Capital

Claim Capital provides credit claiming, HMRC enquiry support and technical reporting services for SMEs.


Martha Chagas Felix and Wolfgang Felix’s Sarria helps companies with concrete investment ideas based on in-house models, thorough fundamentals, and legal analysis.

SPIN Analytics

Founded by Panos Skliamis, SPIN Analytics offers credit risk modelling and analytics solutions for Banks and Digital Banks.

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