Which Edinburgh Internet Startups Are Most Influential in Today’s Industry?

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From cutting edge technology to revolutionary service providers, the Internet startup scene in Edinburgh, Edinburgh, City of, United Kingdom is teeming with innovative companies each pushing the boundaries of their respective industries. These Internet startups are not only transforming the digital landscape but also playing a significant role in positioning Edinburgh as a global technology hub. This article takes a closer look at 15 such startups and what they bring to the table.

With industries ranging from AI and machine learning to career planning and e-commerce, each startup in this list is an exemplar of innovation and adaptability. From their genesis to their unique offering, we delve into what sets them apart. Regardless of the industry they operate in, these startups prove that everything is fair game when it comes to disrupting markets and introducing novel concepts. Here, we draw attention to the internet startups and companies that are making big waves in their niches.

Each startup in the article is detailed, including a brief description, the sector in which they operate, and a link to their website for further information. We hope these brief overviews inspire you and provide insight into the current trends and onward trajectory of Edinburgh’s vibrant startup scene.

Remote Circle

The startup Remote Circle serves as a bridge between job seekers and recruiters, making job searching a breeze. Their solution allows job seekers to find jobs in any timezone, a perfect tool for remote professionals. Co-founded by Joshua Tiernan, it operates in the Career Planning, IT, Internet, Recruiting, Software, and Web Apps sectors.

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Boundary, a venture by Paul Walton and Robin Knox, is blazing trails in the Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Consumer Electronics, Security, and Smart Home sectors. Its technology leverages AI, IoT, and Machine learning in the Property-tech scene.


To help grain merchants and co-operatives with grain storage, Crover, founded by Lorenzo Conti, offers an autonomous monitoring solution. It functions in the Agriculture, AgTech, Farming, Hardware, Industrial, Automation, Internet of Things, and Robotics sectors.


Specialists in promoting online summit engagement, Heysummit founders Benjamin Dell and Robert Gelb have built a platform that aids increased conversions and revenue. They operate in the Events, Information Technology, Internet, and Software sectors.

My Probate Partner

Startup My Probate Partner has created a platform to manage probate & estate administration in Scotland. Mike Davis is the founder of this Legal, Internet, and Professional Service provider.

Ionburst Cloud

Cloud security is paramount and Ionburst Cloud provides a high-security, low-effort platform for developers storing data. The firm operates within the Cloud Security, Cloud Storage, Data Storage, and Internet industries.


A venture founded by Craig Forsythe, GiftRound offers a quick and secure solution to collect money for workplace gifts. It operates within the IT and Internet industries.

Ember Core

Ember Core is shaping the future of intercity travel with all-electric coaches that are bookable and trackable from an app. They operate in the Internet, Transportation, and Travel sectors.

No Code Founders

No Code Founders is a network for founders who don’t code. The company operates in the Advice, Communities, Internet, and Project Management sectors.

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Offering AI-driven solutions for speeding up the deployment of charging infrastructure, Vahanomy operates in the Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Electric Vehicle, and Internet of Things sectors.


NextChain is a free online mobile application for the hospitality industry. Their product operates in the Apps, Hospitality, Internet, and Mobile Apps sectors.

PolyDigi Tech

PolyDigi Tech is a biometric identification and authentication platform that enhances the safety and easy execution of digital transactions. Its founders are Alexander Chow, Curtis Chan, and Yves Segovia. It operates in the Cyber Security, FinTech, Information Services, IT, Internet, Mobile Apps, and Software sectors.


NeuralCandy, founded by Jon Wright is a Shopify Partner based in Edinburgh and helps businesses grow their e-commerce presence. It operates in the Consulting, E-Commerce, IT, and Internet sectors.


For creators, developers, and businesses, Glenstack provides hosting, authorization, and GraphQL API generation services. The company functions in the Developer Platform, IT, Internet, and Web Hosting sectors.

Staff Buddy

Staff Buddy combines superior technology with an experienced team to source the best personnel. The people-first company operates in the Internet industry.

As detailed in this article, the Internet startup scene in Edinburgh is vibrant and highly diverse. By leveraging the latest technologies, these companies provide innovative solutions to an array of sectors and prove that Edinburgh’s startup scene is one to watch.

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