Which London-based GPS Startups Are Revolutionising the UK’s Digital Landscape?

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The onset of location-based services has triggered a digital revolution in various industries, making daily operations more efficient, personalized, and accurate. The start-up scene in London has been at the forefront of this innovation, driving new concepts and applications of these services. This article showcases 15 notable London-based start-ups delivering remarkable services grounded on location technology.

Location-based services leverage the power of geospatial technology, often combined with mobile applications and other interactive platforms. These services range from logistics and transportation to health care, social media and beyond. They allow businesses and users to target services, make better-informed decisions, predict future trends, discover new insights, and interact with the world in immersive ways.

The following start-ups demonstrate innovative uses of location-based services in numerous sectors. Each of these businesses signifies the future of digital technology, dictating the course for other players in the industry.


Nappsis is a mobile app start-up specializing in location-based services and social media. Despite the limited details about their operations and founders, their presence in the market indicates potential of harnessing location technology intertwined with social media functions.


The founders of Dronestream, Denys Babych and Harry Howe, constructed a platform that permits drone pilots to collaborate with their organisation remotely from any location worldwide. Their platform operates in the apps, drones, and location-based services industry.

Global Language Solution LTD

Fed by the vision of VITALIY TISHIN, Global Language Solution LTD is a pioneering start-up devoted to location-based services entwined with education, information technology, and language learning sectors. They provide professional language translation services for documents.

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Fitu App

Fashioned by Koen van den Heuvel and Rodrigo Contreras, Fitu App provides group fitness classes from freelance trainers on-demand, at any preferred time and location. Their operations circulate in the fitness, healthcare, and location-based services realm.


Joining the developer APIs, geospatial, location-based services, mobile apps, and privacy industry, Coposition earned recognition for being a secure and trusted way to manage location data.


KODR.com is a unique IT job search engine for the UK encompassing location-based services, human resources, social media, and staffing agency sectors.


Under the leadership of Ben Hedley, Serendipity has emerged as a dynamic mobile app start-up. Their services span Android, iOS, location-based services, social media, and the software industry.


Engineered by Aran Samra and Saul Liang, Zapplan is a unique, free-to-download iOS and Android app with services extremists in the apps, information technology, iOS, location-based services, messaging, and software industry.


The Viajé App offers real-time location-based audio commentary and data relative to Points of Interest for commuters and tourists worldwide. Although their website and founders’ details remain undisclosed, the start-up has certainly secured its niche within the information technology and location-based services industry.


Under the leadership of Baran Korkmaz, Damien Arnaud, and Dovydas Bereisa, ARWAY has developed into an esteemed spatial mapping platform. With its operations in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, computer vision, developer APIs, developer tools, location-based services, mapping services, and navigation sectors, it is a critical player in building the Metaverse.


TubeChat is a unique short-range messaging app designed for the London Underground where the likely absence of cellular or WiFi services is an issue. Designed by Nina Tumanishvili, the start-up serves industries such as gaming, location-based services, messaging, software, and wireless.

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ZIPZERO Global Limited

ZIPZERO Global Limited, founded by Agnes Monod-Gayraud, Aymeric Monod-Gayraud, and Marcin Walaszczyk, lets the individuals shopping bills get paid by the app. As a part of the consumer research, e-commerce, fast-moving consumer goods, lead generation, location-based services, market research, retail, retail technology, and shopping industries, they propose an innovative perspective to everyday transactions.

Vybz App

Vybz App has leveraged the power of location-based social experience to empower student networking and to discover new people and places. The start-up plays in the apps, location-based services, private social networking, social network, and software industry.


Constructed by Nomin Bayaraa, blixr is altering the social app landscape through its voice-based app. They are enabling users to connect more authentically through their non-addictive, non-invasive algorithms.


The brainchild of Alex Lebedev and Daria Lebedeva, MYRENTBOAT is a platform where customers can find the best yacht rental deals from 25000 yachts online. Their operations stretch across boating, leisure, location-based services, peer to peer, rental, sailing, tourism, travel, travel agency, vacation rental industries.

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