Which English Medical Startups Are Revolutionising the UK Healthcare Industry?

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The healthcare industry, both in the UK and globally, is undergoing rapid transformation thanks to tech-driven startups. The adoption of advanced technologies is bringing exciting new opportunities and addressing numerous challenges. From virtual reality training to direct healthcare delivery platforms and point-of-care blood testing, these startups are revolutionizing the medical landscape in England. Here are 15 interesting medical startups in England that you should keep an eye on.


One of the stellar startups is Gogodoc. Founded by Charles Bosco, Raj Siva, and Vijay Sivapalan, the platform is focused on delivering bespoke healthcare services right to the doorsteps of patients. Gogodoc offers an innovative solution that significantly enhances the accessibility and convenience of healthcare for its users.

Spectrum Logic

Spectrum Logic is a pioneering manufacturer of imaging and detection products employing sophisticated CMOS image sensors. Their contributions to the medical devices industry can’t be underscored enough as they help improve diagnostics and medical imaging.

Dual Good Health

Dual Good Health, co-founded by Anna Stoilova and Morgan Page, uses virtual reality to train medical professionals. Using VR, they’re making medical practice safer and more accurate.


The venture-backed Accunea, is working on a real-time monitoring system for organ transplant function. Founded by Robert Learney and Nick Housby, their initial work is zeroing in on kidney transplants.


Founded by Charlie Bullock, Joe Daniels, and Khalid Latief, Scan.com are pioneering the use of AI in the health diagnostics marketplace.

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ExSeed Health

ExSeed Health is a medical tech platform offering comprehensive solutions for reproductive health. They’ve been pivotal in the application of medical device technology to fertility health care.


Francesca Crawford’s brainchild, SomaNautix, is using her unique endoNaut technology to innovate in the oncology product space.

QuickCount Ltd

QuickCount Ltd is dedicated to facilitating easy point-of-care blood testing with a user-friendly medical device.

Vivum Health

Co-founded by Maximilian Kerz, Vivum Health offers a platform to manage your health data across different services.


Founded by Dr Geoff Mullan and Henry Fyson, humanpeople is a digital health platform geared toward preventative healthcare. This reduces the risk of chronic disease by fixing everyday health issues promptly.


Neuroloom is a groundbreaking medical startup founded by Benjamin Paul that merges biology with electronics to boost neurostimulation treatments.

Manta Store

The Manta Store offers an extensive range of physiotherapy products, from cohesive bandages to sports tapes.


The PrimeCarers, founded by James Bowdler, is a user-friendly platform that connects those in need with suitable carers in their local area.


uMed, founded by Matt Wilson, offers a solution for healthcare providers to carry out patient research more efficiently. Their platform, uMedeor, automates the clinical studies process.

My Online Therapy

Founded by Dr. Elena Touroni, Dr. Tom Pennybacker, and Elettra Bianchi Dennerlein, My Online Therapy is a mobile mental health startup. It delivers mental health services virtually, making it the first of its kind virtual psychology clinic.

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