Which Influential UK Publishing Startups Are Steering the 2023 Industry?

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The United Kingdom has always been a forerunner in the publishing industry, and with the advent of digital technology, this is no exception. England is home to a number of intriguing start-ups that are making waves in the publishing sector. From traditional to digital publishing, ad services, and even augmented reality, these companies are redefining what it means to be a publisher in the 21st century. Let’s get to know some of the innovative publishing startups that are changing the landscape in England right now.


Founded in 2006, FACE2TRADE‘s mission is to maintain their reputation as the production of quality ad services. Their digital advertising platform is committed to delivering top-notch optimization techniques to ensure advertisers get a higher return on their investment. They deploy advanced targeting mechanisms and a unique inventory to help drive enhanced performance in advertising campaigns.


ufurnish.com is a search and discovery platform that allows users to browse various home furniture and furnishings from multiple retailers. Founded by Deirdre Mc Gettrick and Raymond Wright, this startup is changing the furniture retail landscape by providing a one-stop-shop for all the consumer’s home furnishing needs.

Fadew Inc

Fadew Inc is a dynamic digital publishing holding company, based in London. It is the parent company for Fadew Magazine. Although a newer startup, Fadew Inc has carved out a unique space in the digital publishing field. Check out their website here.

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unrd has been described as a pioneer in the interactive storytelling sphere, merging Hollywood quality plots with mobile storytelling techniques. Co-founded by Adam Lowe and Shib Hussain, unrd is a unique blend of gaming, social media, and literature that is redefining interactive mobile storytelling.

Algorithm X Lab

Algorithm X Lab, led by founder Kwok-chee Cheung, provides artificial intelligence and machine learning news, insights, market research, and events. Algorithm X Lab aims to provide business leaders with the knowledge they need when it comes to AI and machine learning.


Transfon is dedicated to building modern infrastructure for digital publishers and marketers. This includes providing large-scale data management and processing capabilities. Transfon delivers exceptional data storage solutions and user-friendly applications for strategic business marketing and operations.

OTP London Ltd

OTP London Ltd is a startup tech company that focuses on software publishing. They are the makers of the OTP.AR WORLD App. Visit their website here for more information.

Deep Zen

Deep Zen is an AI company with a focus on audiobook production and voiceovers. This startup is a notable paradigm in the publishing sector as it actively creates engaging and accessible content that appeals to a wide range of audiences. Deep Zen leverages artificial intelligence to create high-quality, immersive audiobooks.


Founded by James Henderson, Zephr is a technology platform for media companies focused on growing their subscription revenue. By using data-driven, personalized customer journeys, Zephr helps media businesses significantly increase their subscriber numbers and revenues.

Hipgnosis Songs Fund

Hipgnosis Songs Fund offers investors a unique opportunity to tap into the exciting world of songs and associated musical intellectual property rights. Founded by industry veteran Merck Mercuriadis, Hipgnosis Songs Fund is pioneering the monetization of music IP in the UK.

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How.to, is an early-stage discovery platform and managed marketplace. This startup focuses on sharing knowledge and how-to guides across a variety of topics. With their AI-driven platform, How.to aims to transform the way we learn new skills and access information.

Tortoise Media

Tortoise Media is on a mission to create a different kind of newsroom. Founded by Ceci Kurzman, James Harding, and Katie Vanneck-Smith, Tortoise Media aims to provide news without all the noise, giving readers a considered view of the world.

The Ozone Project

The Ozone Project is a transparent and brand-safe platform that offers advertisers direct access to audiences across multiple news publishers. Their unique selling point is their unparalleled understanding of reader engagement, enabling advertisers to reach a highly engaged audience.

CYBR Magazine

CYBR Magazine is an AR-enabled magazine and collective focusing on futuristic tech culture. Founders James Joseph and company have created a unique twist on publishing, blending traditional print media with cutting-edge augmented reality technology.

Mail Metro Media

Mail Metro Media is the consolidation of Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, Metro and i-newspaper, offering massive reach and trustworthy content across print, online, and mobile. As an established entity in the publishing industry, Mail Metro Media is reimagining what urban media brands can be.

The future of publishing is undoubtedly in good hands, with these UK start-ups driving innovation and progress in the sector. As the publishing world further embraces technological advancements, these forward-looking companies will undoubtedly continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s future.

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