Which Ethereum Startups are Steering the Blockchain Revolution in UK?

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As advancements in blockchain technology continue to impress, there is particular interest in how new start-ups are integrating this revolutionary tool into their business models. In the UK, the surge in blockchain technology adoption, with Ethereum at the front and centre, is nothing short of remarkable. From decentralized lending to cryptocurrency payment platforms, these resourceful Ethereum start-ups are turning heads within the blockchain industry.

This article takes a detailed look at 15 such Ethereum start-ups. Each one of these companies has managed to exploit the Ethereum platform’s versatility, thereby leading the charge forward into a more decentralized future. The plan is to provide each start-up’s background, its industry, and founders, alongside a description of its operations and a link to its website for more information.

Note: Some start-ups have chosen to withhold the name(s) of their founder(s). Nevertheless, this does not detract from the innovative quality of their work in any way.


Founded by Stani Kulechov, Aave is a peer-to-peer, open-source, non-custodial Ethereum protocol that offers decentralised lending and borrowing. This start-up is transforming the financial services sector by providing a blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech platform that directly links borrowers and lenders without intermediaries.

Pillar Project

The Pillar Project, led by founders David Siegel, Michael Messele, and Robert Gaskell, is a platform that lets users manage their identities and transact with the services of the emerging Web3 digital economy. Their offering includes asset management, blockchain, cryptocurrency, Ethereum, and mobile payments solutions.

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TRASTRA, founded by Roman Potemkin, simplifies and accelerates banking for cashing out crypto. It’s a perfect blend of banking, Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, Ethereum, financial services, fintech, and payments sectors.


Nethermind, established by Tomasz Kajetan Stanczak, provides simple solutions to the most challenging problems in blockchain. This company provides developer APIs for the retail, fintech, financial services, Ethereum, cryptocurrency, and blockchain industries.

Artos Systems

Artos Systems, started by Alan Vey and Annika Monari, offers Bridge To Blockchain® expertise within your business. They specialise in computer vision, Ethereum, IT, and blockchain technology.

Coin Rivet

As a provider of Bitcoin and Ethereum news, Coin Rivet offers the latest insights into the digital currency market.


Founded by Joaquim Costa, Jorge Batista, and Stefano Moretti, CryptAPI simplifies cryptocurrency payments. It is in the business of Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, FinTech, Crypto payments, and transaction processing.


CargoCoin, initiated by Bogomil Alexandrov and Martin Iliev, is a decentralized cargo protocol built with blockchain technology powered by a native utility token. It provides a unique blend of blockchain, E-commerce platforms, Ethereum, logistics, marine transportation, shipping, and transportation services.


Specialising in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Developcoins provide development services for new digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.


Founded by Edward Rudd, Julio Faura, and Peter Munnings, Adhara offers real-time global liquidity management, FX, and international payments on CBDCs and tokenized money, focusing on banks, fintech companies, and central banks.

Coin Market Manager

Coin Market Manager is a crypto accounting solution for traders focused on growing their Bitcoin stack. Founded by David Kanzen, Gary Lee, and Simeon Gabriel Howard, this platform offers a range of services for the accounting, apps, Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, Ethereum sectors.

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Fnality International

Founded by Jan Schoombee, Fnality International provides a digital cash system that uses blockchain technology to settle financial transactions. This start-up is part of the blockchain, Ethereum, finance, financial services, and fintech industries.


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Embracing artificial intelligence and blockchain, AIMAKERY™ is a marketplace for AI & data.

DFX Finance

Founders Adrian Li and Kevin Zhang present DFX Finance, a new decentralized finance exchange protocol optimized for non-U.S. dollar stable coins. It is part of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, Ethereum, financial exchanges, and fintech industries.

In conclusion, these UK-based Ethereum start-ups exemplify the potential of the Ethereum platform — from financial services to AI and data management. They prove that Ethereum’s blockchain technology, combined with entrepreneurial talent, can create game-changing applications that will shape the industries of the future.

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