Who Are London’s Leading iOS Startups Shaping the Tech Industry?

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As the heart of the United Kingdom’s technology scene, London has been churning a plethora of innovative startups, particularly in the realm of iOS applications. This article showcases some of the most intriguing iOS startups from the city, focusing on their innovative solutions and the industries they serve. From continuous integration service providers for app developers to social networking apps, these startups present a unique blend of creativity and technical prowess.


Evercloud, as its name implies, operates in the cloud space, specifically focusing on business app discovery. They aggregate the best apps and tools available for startups and SMEs. By doing so, they help early-stage businesses thrive with the right tools at their fingertips.


Nevercode, a startup founded by Kristian Sägi and Triin Kask, focuses on providing continuous integration and delivery services for mobile app developers. These services streamline the app development process, improving both efficiency and quality.

Human Race

Human Race, co-founded by Alexey Syrkovskiy and Daniel Bolt, offers a real-time platform that enables people globally to connect and move together. The platform has a strong emphasis on fitness and sports, encouraging users to stay active and connect with like-minded individuals.


YumXYZ is a mobile app installed into the thriving industry of e-commerce and internet. Detailed information about what the app entails remains scarce, adding an element of intrigue to this iOS startup.

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Zedd Ltd

Zedd Ltd has developed a unique social networking app. This London-based startup aims at connecting people in novel ways, staying at the forefront of Internet of Things (IoT), iOS, and mobile technology.

Mosaic Networks

Mosaic Networks, co-founded by Giacomo Puri Purini and Martin Arrivets, specializes in middleware for distributed applications. Their solutions are vital for iOS, mobile, and software developers who rely on the distribution of applications to function.

Sweeft Digital | A Making Science company

Sweeft Digital, a venture initiated by Vako Turnava, is a comprehensive tech solution provider offering mobile development, software, and web solutions services. They have built a strong reputation in the Android, Internet, iOS, Mobile, Software, and Web Development industries.


PlayHit, spearheaded by Valentin Krzyzyk, has brought about a keyboard that changes the way we interact with music. It allows users to spread musical joy across numerous messaging channels, adding a different dimension to the Cyber Security, IoT, iOS, and Social Media sectors.


Stacker, founded by Kenrick Vaz, Louis Barclay, and Michael Skelly, is a no-code software creation platform that empowers developers to build software more efficiently and effectively.


Dropless, founded by Christian Duncan and Mike Grindy, brings to the market an on-demand car washing, valeting, and servicing platform. This venture integrates various industries like Automotive, Cleantech, Logistics, and iOS to deliver convenient vehicle care services.


Serendipity, founded by Ben Hedley, is a mobile application that capitalizes on location-based services to help users connect and interact in a new and improved manner.


Nextlayer, by Horace Ho, is a mobile app developer that leans heavily into the Apps, Developer Tools, iOS, and Software industries. They are keen to leave their imprint on the tech scene by creating exciting new tools and software.

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Flagsmith, co-founded by Ben Rometsch, enables developers to manage feature flags and remote config across web, mobile, and server-side applications. They’re proud contributors to the open-source community.


Bikeslice focuses on a social community application targeted at cycling enthusiasts. The app encourages community building and interaction among cyclists, adding a unique twist to the prevalent social networking experience.


Zapplan, initiated by Aran Samra and Saul Liang, is a free iOS and Android app set to create waves in the industry. Their current applications entail elements from Apps, Information Technology, Location Based Services, Messaging, and Software, promising something exciting and fresh.

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