Which UK Wearables Startups are Shaping the Industry Landscape in 2023?

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Wearable technology companies in the United Kingdom have been designing innovative and efficient wearables that aren’t just stylish but also promise to revolutionise whole sectors. These companies have captivated the world with their smart gear, and have been making waves in sectors ranging from healthcare to athletic performance and safety. This UKT.news article features 15 of the most fascinating UK wearables startups, offering a glimpse into their unique operations and developments.

Wearable devices are emerging as a crucial interface for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, extending technology’s reach beyond computers and enabling ordinary objects with smart functions. The wearable tech startups are making significant strides across industries such as sports, electronics, artificial intelligence, health care, and safety. These startups are creating hardware and software that forge a strong bond with the user, which is central to their product design and strategic vision.

These UK-based startups are out to prove that wearable technologies can do much more than just track your steps or heartbeat. They are utilising these technologies to transform sectors, affect the lives of people, and alter market dynamics. Below, we explore each company and the innovative work they’re doing.

Ovao Technologies

Ovao Technologies is a unique eyewear virtual coach and sports tracker for swimmers and triathletes that uses virtual reality to enhance their training experiences. The company, founded by Aldas Juronis, Justinas Gasparovičius, and Kamile Jokubaite, brings innovation to sports and swimming through wearables.

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Lightricity offers the world’s highest efficiency light energy harvesting technology, providing a sustainable and scalable Internet of Things (IoT). The startup was established by Mathieu Bellanger and Matthias Kauer. The company has applied its innovations to multiple sectors like electronics, sensor and smart building.


Working to transform safety across high-risk sectors is Tended. The startup, founded by Leo Scott Smith, combines wearable technology with behavioural science for innovative public safety solutions.


Neurocess, founded by Erhan Ertan and Mert Ergeneci, offers services as a wearable technology product that enhances training performance and reduces the risk of injury.


Changing the way we use and interact with sound is Metasonics. Founders Mihai Caleap and Sriram Subramanian’s startup ventures into Internet of Things and wearables, altering experiences across digital signage, architecture, automotive and more.


NativeLOOK showcases the potential of AIoT (Artificial Intelligence IoT) tech. Founded by Dan Grois, this startup leverages AI, machine learning, blockchain and computer vision to transform the wearables sector.

PCL Health

PCL Health combines IoT, mobile apps and an online clinician dashboard to provide a Connected Care platform. The startup was founded by Deepti Atrish, Stewart Southey and Tornike Asatiani, and targets the healthcare and IT sectors with its innovations.


emit, a time management AI and smartwatch company founded by Stephen Titus and Thushaan Rajaratnam. Emit uses AI and predictive analytics to provide productivity tools and solutions for wellness and consumer electronics.


Jukes creates wireless headsets for coaches. The company was founded by Joel Knight and Nicolai Thomson and is deeply ingrained in the software, wearable and wellness industries.

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Connecting next-generation hearables to the brain, Neuractive is making mindfulness more accessible. The startup was founded by James Horn and Kerr Horn, and uses consumer electronics research, neuroscience and fitness to benefit the wellness industry.


Doccla is a pioneer of tech-agnostic virtual wards. The startup, founded by Dag Larsson and Martin Ratz, utilises big data, wearables, IT and medical technology to revolutionise the healthcare industry.

Ness Swimwear

Ness Swimwear is a swimwear supplying company that utilises Google Glass and other wearable tech. The organisation caters to the e-commerce and swimming sectors.


Unlimitech helps athletes optimize their performance through high-precision fitness tracking solutions. The startup, founded by Chris Rosser and Daniel Morales Valdivia, operates in the fitness, sports, hardware, and IoT sectors.

ArcX Technology

ArcX Technology provides wearable technology for sports and fitness. Founded by Kumar Bala and Paul Blair, the company develops consumer electronics that enhance fitness and sporting performance.


The final feature of the list, spacebands, is a startup that creates software and wearable technology aimed at making workplaces safer. The company was founded by Ronan Finnegan and operates majorly in the electronics and wearables industry.

Hopefully, this overview of innovative UK wearables startups has provided you with valuable insights and might spark the next big idea.

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