Which Glasgow-Based Software Startups are Influencing the UK’s Tech Scene?

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Glasgow, known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture, is rapidly gaining a reputation as a hotspot for thriving software startups. From automated customer analytics systems to virtual reality games for the Autistic community, these inventive companies are leveraging software to revolutionise various aspects of daily living and industries. Here’s a closer look at fifteen exciting software startups based in Glasgow city in the United Kingdom.

My Customer Lens

My Customer Lens is an always-on client listening platform. It uses artificial intelligence to enable professional services firms to grow relationships, reputations, and revenues. Founders Mike Evans and Paul Roberts are utilising analytics, artificial intelligence, business intelligence and other technologies to cater to the needs of various industries.


Founded by Brendan Dunne and Richard Dunne, OnePatch is an inventory and order management platform for current wholesale merchants, offering services across multiple sectors, including e-commerce, payments, software and transportation.


Hoolr has produced a novel technology that enables organizations to accurately track coaching within their business. The startup operates in sectors such as consulting, E-Learning, Education, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Software.


Harnessing the power of software in the construction industry, Hypervine offers a dedicated tool for tracking people, materials, machines and carbon emissions on construction and mining sites.


Andrew Wood, and Euan Cameron co-founded Willo, a virtual interviewing platform. The startup is revolutionizing the fields of recruiting and skill assessment.

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lrng.io, founded by Anthony G Gerrard FRSA, offers an app that provides on-demand personalised learning support to secondary school pupils, operating within the blockchain, EdTech, education, and software verticals.


Aleks Tomczyk and Nick Cousins launched Exizent, a technology platform that connects all the data, services, and people involved when someone passes away, bringing innovation to the legal tech sector.

Nursery Story

Nursery Story offers a nursery management software that combines and simplifies administrative tasks and connects childcare professionals. The startup is making its imprint in the e-learning and software sectors.


Founded by Craig Dawson and Jon Armstrong, Changeway is a software development company that provides a real-time system with data accessible to everyone, analytics, and customization.

22 North

22 North is innovating the way people work remotely. Co-founded by Gary Walker, the startup is aiding companies in the consulting, virtual workforce, software, and product design sectors.

Advanced Social Analytics ASA

Advanced Social Analytics ASA is making a significant impact in the consulting and IT fields by helping organisations discover meaningful and actionable value from data to support transparent, accountable and effective decision making.

PENSOL Technologies

In the domain of web development and design, PENSOL Technologies, founded by Bilal Ahmad, stands out. The startup offers distinctive and professional website design services.


Leonardo Zussner and Vania Popovic have created bobbll, an AI-powered talent platform catering to Gen-Z, disrupting the recruitment industry.


Credabill is a FinTech quoting platform that allows home improvement providers to offer finance to their customers at the point of quote. The startup was founded by Andy Winning and Dean Ferrie.

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Alison Lang, the founder of Changingday, develops virtual reality games for autistic people, combining entertainment and empathy in a unique way in the digital entertainment, video games, and VR sectors.

These Glasgow-based startups showcase the city’s vibrant and burgeoning technology sector. Whether inventing pioneering software or moulding it to perform better, these ambitious businesses are making waves within their respective industries and beyond, positioning Glasgow as a vibrant hub for software innovation in the UK.

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