Who are the Game-Changing Art Startups Revolutionising UK’s Creative Landscape?

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The United Kingdom, especially England, is renowned for its dynamic and vibrant startup landscape. Startups in the art and technology sectors have been making significant strides, with many leveraging innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to redefine their respective industries. This article will highlight and explore some of the noteworthy art and tech-based startups in England.

In the age of technology, art has been revolutionised. Several startups are taking interesting avenues to explore this cross-over of disciplines – merging advanced technology and AI with the ingenuity of artistry or employing these technologies to analyse art in new ways. In this article, we will discuss various startups that are doing pioneering work in this sphere.

We will be taking a closer look at 15 startups based in England, delving into their unique offerings and the specific industries they operate in, as well as looking at their respective founders’ visionary ideas.


Predictive population analytics for enterprise and AI virtual companion for employees, SYD is founded by Lorena Puica. SYD is a revolutionary startup in the analytics and artificial intelligence sector, focusing on personal health and employee wellbeing.


Rossum, co-founded by Petr Baudis, Tomas Gogar, and Tomas Tunys, is an AI-based cloud document gateway designed to simplify business communication. This software embraces document management, machine learning, and SaaS.


Established by Andreas Vlachos, Dhruv Ghulati, and Sebastian Riedel, Factmata utilises artificial intelligence for automated content understanding. Factmata operates within the sectors of analytics, machine learning, news, and social media marketing.

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Near Future Labs Ltd

Designed around humans, Near Future Labs Ltd specialises in creating content, simulations for AR, VR, MR platforms, and immersive technology. The startup was founded by Arnab Biswas.


SPRYT is a wellness and fitness service firm that utilises artificial intelligence, blockchain, and machine learning to promote healthy living.


Shift, founded by Jacob Corlett, is a consumer and business-focused on-demand platform that uses AI to revolutionise the logistics market.

USIO Energy

Co-founded by Vincent Tuk, USIO Energy uses AI to deliver electricity and gas perfectly tailored to consumers’ individual lifestyles, aiming to create the energy company of the future.

Optimal Agriculture

Operating in the fields of agriculture, agtech, and artificial intelligence, Optimal Agriculture was co-founded by David Hunter and João Abrantes with a vision of deploying AI-operated greenhouses around the globe.


ZEE9, founded by Alessandro Trinca Arnould, specialises in transforming data into value, utilising machine learning and predictive analytics to inform smart business decision-making.


Pioneered by Alex Cheung, Kami.ai leverages AI conversational platforms to power businesses with intelligent robot advisory services.


Futr, co-founded by Andrew Wilkins and Lee Skyrme, builds chatbots that revolutionise how organisations engage with people through artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Specialising in e-commerce and fashion, Measmerize is a SaaS provider seeking to reduce returns and increase sales through artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Ligabis Ltd

Ligabis Ltd, founded by Rees Johnson, venture into AI, blockchain and lawtech, with a focus on natural language processing.


9omi.com is spearheading a digital revolution in the UK retail industry through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things devices.

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Developed by Michael Moses, Donaco is an in-browser tool designed to revolutionise the donation industry by facilitating unique connections between charities and donors.

These startups demonstrate the potent blend of artificial intelligence, innovative technology, and artistry that England’s startup scene has to offer. The diversity and creativity on display reflect the rich tapestry of England’s business landscape, with each startup making its own unique contribution to the unbundling of traditional business models and the creation of new, exciting possibilities for the future.

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