Which Health Care Startups Are Transforming London’s Medical Landscape in 2023?

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Startups have been revolutionizing the healthcare industry by bringing new and innovative solutions to persistent healthcare problems. These startups, often driven by passionate founders who are expert in their field, offer everything from personalized digital healthcare solutions to wellness and fitness services, tailored dietary recommendations to digitally driven patient care.

Technology has been at the forefront of healthcare startups based in London, widely recognized as a hub for innovation and cutting-edge advancements in medical care. This article will take a closer look at fifteen of the most intriguing healthcare startups in London, from a diverse range of sectors.

These companies underscore the importance of technology in modern healthcare and how it can speed up diagnosis, improve patient outcomes, and even empower individuals to take control of their own health and well-being. Let’s delve a little deeper into what these startups have to offer.

Closed Loop Medicine

Closed Loop Medicine, founded by David Cox, Felicity Sartain, and Hakim Yadi, is making strides in the world of personalized digital healthcare solutions. They aim to improve outcomes for patients and clinicians in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and therapeutics industries. Their unique approach leverages the power of digital technology to transform the way care is delivered.


SPRYT is a wellness and fitness service firm that is at the intersection of artificial intelligence, blockchain, fitness, healthcare, and more. With SPRYT, users can benefit from their integrated approach to wellness that incorporates the latest technological advances.

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Smart Flora

Funded by Shannon Doyle, Smart Flora dabbles in the biotechnology, healthcare, and wellness domains. They offer daily personalised diet and supplement recommendations tailored to work with your unique gut flora. Their innovative approach to gut health underscores the importance of a personalised approach to wellness.


NGX, started by Alex Blyth, Hugo Jones, and Jeremy Poland, is on the cutting edge of nutrition, fitness, genetics, and healthcare industries. They offer the world’s first genetically personalized nutrition shake, leading the charge in terms of personalized nutrition.


Created by Charles Bosco, Raj Siva, and Vijay Sivapalan, Gogodoc specializes in bringing healthcare to your doorstep. They make it easier to connect patients with doctors, driving innovation in the home-healthcare field.


Zenaxys is a digital transformation and organisational change management software technology firm that spans multiple domains such as apps, consulting, education, finance, healthcare, IT, mobile, and software, emphasising the impact of comprehensive digital solutions across varied fields.


Founded by Nick Housby and Robert Learney, Accunea is developing a continuous, real-time monitoring system for transplant organ function, beginning with kidneys. Such advancement in technology is vital for timely intervention and improved patient outcomes in the healthcare, medical, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries.


Villge, set up by Dean Eastwood and Lee-Anne Eastwood, is a trusted community of support for families and those working with them. They connect people and offer resources in the domains of association, communities, education, healthcare, marketplace, and non-profit.

Kai InfoMed

Kola ILORI founded Kai InfoMed to provide a tailored healthcare experience for patients, health centres, and healthcare professionals. They are working to transform the electronic health record (EHR), health care, IT, and personal health sectors.

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Scan.com, launched by Charlie Bullock, Joe Daniels, and Khalid Latief, offers services in healthcare, health diagnostics, marketplace, and medical sectors. They feature a broad spectrum of health-related services under one umbrella.

Fitu App

The Fitu App, launched by Koen van den Heuvel and Rodrigo Contreras, offers group fitness classes from freelance trainers for the price of a pint, at any desired time and location. They work in the fitness, healthcare, and location-based services sectors.

On The Mend

On The Mend, created by Arash Aframian, Jonathan Blackburn, and Wesley Fogel, is a mobile platform designed to help people manage their physical rehab. They make strides in the fitness, healthcare and IT sectors.

Vitrue Health

Vitrue Health, founded by Alex Haslehurst and Shane Lowe, leverages computer vision technology to assess and treat musculoskeletal issues like back pain. Their work underscores the importance of digital advancements in the healthcare industry.

Hello Daisy

Hello Daisy, founded by David Mark, is a private social media platform and Internet enabling device that uses TV. They provide services in the fitness, healthcare, Internet, social media, and social network sectors, helping seniors and their caregivers connect and communicate more effectively.

Machine Medicine Technologies

Funded by Georgiana Petria and Jonathan O’Keeffe, Machine Medicine Technologies is building an operating system for neuromodulation and other forms of precision neurotherapeutics. They are carving a niche in the world of artificial intelligence, computer vision, healthcare, machine learning, and software engineering.

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