Which London-Based Telecom Startups are Shaping the Industry’s Future?

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The city of London, England, United Kingdom is a haven for tech startups, especially in the field of telecommunications. Telecommunications is a wide field comprising a variety of technological advancements in internet services, audio devices, mobile technology and more. Companies are constantly popping up, offering innovative solutions and improving on the existing tech. Here we showcase 15 interesting telecommunications startups from London, each one unique in its offerings and approach.

Bridging the gap between London’s bustling tech scene and the rapidly evolving world of telecommunications, these companies are introducing diverse and groundbreaking solutions. Whether it’s an independent telecommunications company building a brand new fibre optic broadband network or a company bringing SMS into this century, London’s telecommunications landscape includes it all.

From startups focusing on increasing internet speeds to those creating AI noise reduction technology for voice communications, London’s telecommunications companies are challenging norms and driving change. Here are fifteen of these startups making their mark in the industry:

Smart Audio Technologies

Sandip Chintala founded Smart Audio Technologies specialising in AI noise reduction tech for voice communications. Their innovative solution takes in different spheres ranging from mobile devices and hardware to the Internet of Things and Software.

Ziegal Ltd

Ziegal Ltd is transforming the UK’s WiFi market by significantly increasing internet speeds across the country. Founded by Mohammed Amir, its industry spans mobile, wired telecommunications and wireless communications infrastructure.

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CH Group

Founded by Daniel and David CH, the CH Group develops tools and SaaS products to help remote teams. They contribute to the fields of Information Technology, SaaS and Telecommunications.

Jurassic Fibre

Created by Michael Maltby, Jurassic Fibre is a Devon-based company building a brand new fibre optic broadband network, positioning itself as a significant player in the Telecommunications industry.

Byzia Corporation

The upcoming Byzia Corporation based in the UK and successor of Byzia Technology LTD, was founded by Toni Kovač. They provide solutions within the Cyber Security, Internet, Web Hosting and Telecommunications sectors.


Angage, founded by David Setrouk, Didier Moulin, and Jean-David Benichou, enables companies to make their events such as meetings, webinars, and conferences fully interactive and engaging. It operates predominantly in Digital Marketing, Events, Information Technology and Telecommunications.

Flex Fibre

Flex Fibre specialises in internet and connectivity services, offering innovative solutions in the fields of Information Technology, Internet and Telecommunications.


Converso is a telecom company offering mobile payment and messaging services. Founded by Chris Barley and Gianluca Bonetti, it has managed to mark its presence in the Messaging, Mobile Payments, and Telecommunications industries.


FibreNation aims to create a state-of-the-art Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) network for million homes and businesses, creating an impact in the IT, Internet, Internet of Things and Telecommunications sectors.


Veganists aims to combine technology with the food market and make a mark in the Telecommunications sector.

Rhea & Co.

Rhea & Co. focus on partnering with each and every company agency to recognise and solve problems in the fields of Advertising, Consulting, Marketing and Telecommunications.

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Augnet, founded by Daniel Gill, aims to bring SMS into this century. It operates in the Apps, Developer Platform, SMS, and Telecommunications sectors.


DIADEM provides a flexible mobile telecom contract and billing solution built with blockchain technology. The company was founded by Amaury Aubrée-Dauchez and Matthew Armishaw, and operates primarily in the Blockchain, IT, Internet, Mobile, Software and Telecommunications industries.


Providing Next Generation Carrier-Grade IP Multimedia Interconnect Platform solutions, MAPPLCOM has made its mark in the Software and Telecommunications industries.


Founded by Armani Vashi and Sion Buckler, Wave offers software designed to transform single-board computers into smart home hubs, aiming to make the internet and energy freer. They operate within the IoT, Media and Entertainment, Smart Home, Software, Telecommunications, and Wireless sectors.

London’s telecommunications startups are truly redefining the industry with their innovative solutions. Whether they’re developing fiber optic networks, enhancing Wi-Fi speeds, or using AI for noise reduction, these companies are at the forefront of the telecommunications revolution.

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