Which London Biotech Startups Are Shaping The UK’s Future in 2023?

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Biotechnology is rapidly transforming London’s industrial ecosystem, aiding in the development of the city’s well-being, healthcare, and economic outlook. From gut microbiome-targeted nutrition suggestions to quantum machine learning for drug discovery, London startups are pushing the boundaries of biotechnology. Here you will find 15 of these promising startups that are contributing fascinating advancements to the biotech sector.

Smart Flora

Smart Flora is a unique health and wellness startup focused on customising daily diet and supplement regimens adjust to one’s gut microbiota. Founded by Shannon Doyle, the company merges biotechnology with healthcare to provide personalised nutritional guidance.


Exploring an array of industries including Artificial Intelligence, Genetics, Life Science, Machine learning, and more, Lifebit has introduced an industry-standard genomics platform that facilitates secure research over distributed big data. The founders, Maria Chatzou Dunford and Pablo Prieto Barja, have created an ingenious platform that combines bioinformatics with cloud data services.

LoMaRe Technologies

LoMaRe Technologies, the developers behind PMRAM – a next-generation memory technology, have positioned themselves at the intersection of Biotechnology, Big Data, and Software.


GTN, on the other hand, is combining quantum computing with machine learning to revolutionise drug discovery. Noor Shaker and Vid Stojevic, the founders, innovatively introduce quantum machine learning tech into the Biotechnology and Chemical industries.


SomaNautix aims to build an innovative Oncology Product company, leveraging the unique physico-chemical properties of their endoNaut technology. Founded by Francesca Crawford, the startup operates within Biotechnology, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Therapeutics fields.

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Biotech startup Lumminary was founded by Flaviu Radulescu to create an innovative approach to harnessing the potential of Biotechnology.

Vivum Health

Focused on empowering individuals to take control of their own health, Vivum Health was founded by Maximilian Kerz. The startup operates in the Biotechnology, Health Care, Information Technology, and Medical fields.


The health management-focused startup LyfGen is on a mission to grant individuals access to their whole genome data, aiming to transform the face of health management.

Grow Group

Specialising in the cannabis industry, the Grow Group is a biopharmaceutical company aimed at improving global access to cannabis-based medicines. The company was founded by Ben Langley and Ian Atkinson.

Encelo Laboratories

Encelo Laboratories, co-founded by Katia Nazmutdinova and Natalie Grefenstette, works towards granting universal access to primary cells.


Tech-bio company Chronomics, founded by Charles Ball, Daniel Elías Martín Herranz, and Robin Thompson, aspires to simplify and expedite the application of biomarkers to day-to-day decision making.


Peptone operates in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries, working on the discovery of new therapeutics against intrinsically disordered proteins. Cofounded by Kamil Tamiola and Matt Heberling, Peptone bridges the gap between Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical sector.


FabricNano takes a cell-free bio-manufacturing approach to develop bio-catalysts for future-focused biochemical applications. The company operates at the junction of Biotechnology, Chemical, and Nanotechnology, co-created by Ferdinando Randisi and Grant Aarons.

EMMAC Life Sciences

EMMAC Life Sciences works on combining the latest research with cutting-edge cultivation to create medical cannabis that is innovative and effective. Founders Antonio Costanzo and Ed McDermott lead this startup, contributing to the fields of Biotechnology, Cannabis, and Market Research.

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Tackling difficulties related to process control, scalability, and costs of cell bioprocessing, Dr. Antoine Espinet and Dr. Cesare Cejas have established MicrofluidX. The startup operates within the Biotechnology and Medical Device fields, aiming to revolutionise the bioprocessing industry.

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