Who are the Game-Changers in UK’s Tutoring Startup Scene Today?

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Amidst rapidly evolving technological and socio-economic landscapes, the UK has witnessed a surge in innovative educational startups. Many of these are transforming the traditional tutoring sector by harnessing the power of technology to provide personalised, accessible, and efficient learning experiences. Here are the top tutoring startups in the country, making waves in the Education industry by bringing fresh and exciting solutions to the table.

From online platforms linking students with high-quality tutors to online marketplaces for private tuition, these startups represent a dynamic shift in the educational ecosystem. These startups constitute a robust response to the demand for convenient, personalised learning among students across age groups, helping them achieve their academic goals and more.

By venturing into the ever-vital field of education, these startups take up the challenge to shape the future of learning. Let’s learn more about these fascinating companies that are radically redefining rules in tutoring, each in its own unique way:


Founded by Inderjeet Singh, Myprofsr is an online platform that expertly brings students and top-notch tutors in the UK together. Tailored to enhance learners’ academic experience, this startup has proved positivity in the education and tutoring industry.

Course Eagle

Course Eagle is an online education platform servicing the intersection of tutoring, education, and higher education. Although the founders remain anonymous, the startup’s impact in the educational sector speaks volumes about their commitment to revolutionising traditional learning methodologies.

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Making tutoring as personalised as possible, Tutorean leverages machine learning to pair students with the perfect tutor. Founded by Joao Malcata, Pedro da Cunha, and Pedro do Carmo Costa, Tutorean is indeed a unique and innovative venture in the tutoring industry.

Sophia Technologies

Sophia Technologies, co-founded by Dan Turner and Melissa McBride, operates as a marketplace for private tuition, providing a bridge between learners and educators in a streamlined, digitised way.

Edtech Impact

Edtech Impact, a startup specialising in adaptive learning and offering a wide range of educational services, is addressing the demand for innovative teaching tools and systems in the modern classroom. From classroom and school management to tutoring and collaboration, it’s driving the EdTech revolution forward.

Math Make Smart Ltd

Math Makes Smart Ltd. is an online tutoring program that provides highly qualified tutors for one-on-one engagements. Their e-learning program prepares students by equipping them with necessary skills to face academic challenges with more confidence.

Union Tuition London

Union Tuition London offers a team of skilled home tutors dedicated to delivering the best quality education service. They believe in building a rapport with learners, personalising lessons and employing innovative teaching methods to cultivate an engaging learning environment.

Suited Tutor

Founded by Dimitris Proko, Suited Tutor is rendering elite educational services in e-learning, language learning, music education, and more. They address varied educational needs, working their way toward becoming a one-stop solution for comprehensive learning.


Doxa, co-founded by Kes Daood and Wojciech Woznicki, focuses on providing application support for top UK universities. They bridge the gap between students and institutions, helping to streamline the university application process.

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Yourtime is a peer-to-peer app that empowers university students to either offer their tutoring services or secure reliable study support. Yourtime is a unique platform that utilises video chat for academic learning, collaboration and support.

Quran Schooling

For learners seeking religious-based knowledge, Quran Schooling has you covered. This online academy offers Quran learning for kids and adults worldwide, demonstrating diversity in the tutoring space.

Treat Assignment Help

Treat Assignment Help provides professional assignment assistance to UK students. They strive to uphold academic integrity, providing students with academically sound, carefully crafted writings to help them maintain their grades.


Founded by Ariel Lau, Giuseppe Iademarco, and Jenna J. Ahn, Millie functions as a global community for international school students. As a social enterprise, they tailor their services to coaching and tutoring students across borders, aiming to inspire and empower learners.

The Hub21

The Hub21, founded by Didem Cikse and Sylvain Roussarie, offers a membership-driven online learning platform for students aged 7-17, where they can discover and foster technical skills. The startup is dedicated to promoting STEM Education in a dynamic, engaging way.


Founded by Alan Batchelor, YooDrive is redefining learning on and off-road with its cutting-edge online driving school marketplace. It offers the convenience of booking and payment services, allowing learners to access quality driving lessons effectively and efficiently in the UK.

In conclusion, these startups are collectively leading an education revolution, pushing the boundaries of traditional teaching and learning methods. Their passion, drive and commitment to reinventing and revitalising the education sector is a testament to the transformative power of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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