Who are England’s Most Influential Compliance Startups in the UK?

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The UK’s thriving startup scene is diverse and dynamic, presenting remarkable innovations across various industries. One particularly significant sector in the UK is compliance and regulation. With the increasing dependence on digital platforms, the need for companies to ensure they meet regulatory requirements while preserving client trust has never been more critical. Here, we take a look at 15 British startups that are making waves in the compliance and regulatory scene, using innovative technology and forward-thinking strategies to ensure companies remain compliant in an ever-changing landscape.


Apomatix is carving its niche in the market with its active audit management software. Co-founded by Cam Keogh-Ly and Vartan Sarkissian, the platform conducts risk audits and gap analysis within organizations. Features include compliance, cybersecurity, risk management, and more.


The biometrics industry is making tremendous strides, and one company at its forefront is IDcheck. Founded by Sara Statman, it offers reliable biometric screening and KYC (Know Your Customer) through a SaaS (Software as a Service) approach.

Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro, co-founded by Shahid Hanif, uses AI to offer global KYC and AML solutions. It provides customer onboarding services, fraud prevention, and effective regulatory compliance solutions.

Vault Platform

On to the world of employee misconduct reporting with Vault Platform. Co-founded by Neta Meidav and Rotem Hayoun-Meidav, the platform offers next-gen solutions for detecting, reporting, and handling complaints.

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Levrara Consulting Group

Devesh Mehta’s Levrara Consulting Group offers finance industry a much-needed advisory and resources solutions. They expertise in compliance, finance, and financial services sectors.

The Broker Club

The Broker Club is a unique community for financial markets brokers. They offer services in compliance, finance, marketing, and financial services.


AML software, identity verification, and KYC compliance process simplification are MLVerify‘s strong suits. Its dashboard is designed for ease of use and efficient task management.


Led by Chris Watts and Craig Pearson, Tonic provides customized financial solutions, advice, and business transformation services. Their strategic consultations offer unique insights into regulatory requirements.

My Virtual Compliance

The digital realm’s compliance sector is addressed by My Virtual Compliance which offers digital compliance support and compliance health checks for companies.


Stacy-Ann Sinclair co-foundedCodeREG as a response to the changing demands in financial compliance in the digital age. It combines legal tech with financial services to ensure effective regulatory adherence.


Privasee, co-founded by Manuel Martinez Chamorro and Álex Franch, handles the complex terrain of GDPR documents and cookie banner management. Any changes in business operation or law immediately trigger document and banner updates.

Sanction Scanner

Fatih Coşkun’s Sanction Scanner leverages AI to protect businesses from financial crimes. This compliance software company hits all major pointers in the compliance domain.


Looking into blockchain and legal tech with Umazi, co-founded by Cindy van Niekerk and Kyle Bradley. They offer innovative ways to automate and accelerate corporate identity verification.

The Virtual CISO

The Virtual CISO, founded by Eddy Donald, provides companies with exceptional network security, privacy, and compliance services, ensuring the digital safety of businesses.

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Martello Expert Services

Martello Expert Services is another noteworthy company in the finance and compliance industries. They offer consulting and financial services to business striving for regulatory alignment and growth.

With innovative solutions and groundbreaking technologies, these startups are shifting the compliance scene and setting new standards. These trailblazers demonstrate that the future of the compliance industry is bright, resilient, and inherently flexible.

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