Which London Events Startups Are Influencing the UK Industry in 2023?

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One of the beautiful things about London, England is the wide variety of startups that are sprouting up. This great city is not only known for its historical and cultural landscape, but it’s fast becoming renowned for its innovation in the startup world. Specifically, event-based startups are gaining momentum, offering unique ways of managing, promoting and delivering memorable events. Here, we look at 15 such startups that are making waves in the United Kingdom.

These London-based companies are not only based in the city but are expanding their horizons beyond, creating a digital reach across the globe. Using innovative digital practices like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, automated technology, these startups are revolutionizing the event sector, pushing traditional boundaries and expanding into unknown territories.

The variety of services and areas of focus among these startups is vast, ranging from corporate events and wellness programs to wedding technologies and online ticket sales. This vastness brings an exciting fragmentation of the market but also significant growth opportunities for those companies who take innovative and measured risks. So let’s take a closer look at these companies shaking up the events industry in London.


CO:CUBED is an interesting startup that is helping FTSE100 companies embrace the startup revolution. They do this by defining and executing their collaborative innovation capabilities. The startup was founded by Jeremy Basset and operates in numerous industries like Corporate Training, Event Management, and Innovation Management. Their application of open-source practices stands out with a promising future.

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Founded by Darshana Prageeth Manikkuwadura and Shoaib Aslam, EventsX is an AI-led virtual events platform that comes with an inbuilt marketplace. Besides Event Management, EventsX is also into Enterprise Software, SaaS, and Video Conferencing.

Benchmark IT Leaders – Andy Britnell

Under the leadership of Andy Britnell, Benchmark IT Leaders is making waves by connecting senior IT leaders through invitation-only events. This startup falls into the categories of Association, Communities, Events, and Non Profit.


Focus on wellness is crucial right now and Wellfinity couldn’t have picked a better time to start its operations. Founded by Ashwin Sunassee, this startup provides a full-service business improvement agency with a corporate wellness focus.

Scripin Weddings

Scripin Weddings provides an Event platform, Mobile App, WedTech, Live Streaming Service, and Photo Printing service. This startup is transforming the event experience in the Wedding and Software industry.


Realmless is an event service company that was started by Antony Adel. Specializing in Content, Event Management, and TV Production, Realmless is an intriguing player in the London event scene.

Algorithm X Lab

With its main focus on providing artificial intelligence & machine learning news, insights, market research, and events for business leaders, Algorithm X Lab is a startup that is truly making strides in the Artificial Intelligence industry.

Let’s Do This

Let’s Do This is an online marketplace that hosts endurance events on a global scale. Founded by Alex Rose, Neil Lock, and Sam Browne, it is expanding its footprint in the E-Commerce, Events, Sports, and Marketplace sectors.


Founded by Dana Lattouf, Tickitto enables brands to grow revenue and foster deeper relationships with their customers through access to the world’s best events. The startup is active in the Developer APIs, Events, and Ticketing industries.

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TEOOH, founded by Don Stein, is a virtual platform for hosting events. The startup operates in Communities, Event Management, Events, Information Technology, and Software sectors.

Insurtech Insights

Insurtech Insights is a digital insurance transformation platform where you can get the latest news and insights. The startup lies in the Events, Insurance, and InsurTech industries.


Started by Arnaud Mardegan and Benjamin Carew, Othership is built with remote and hybrid working in mind. It operates in Coworking, Events, Office Administration, Rental Property, and Smart Cities industries.

Seat Unique

Seat Unique is an online marketplace where one can buy official hospitality packages and VIP tickets to live sports, music, and cultural events. The startup operates in the Events, Hospitality, Professional Services, Recreation, and Ticketing industries.


The Event Staffing Software Made Simple by founders Greg Lusk and Mark Walls through Liveforce is worth looking into if you are in the Events, Human Resources, and Software industries.

Festival Pro

Festival Pro is an event management system that focuses on festivals, conferences, and events. This startup is currently making a name for itself in the Event Management, Event Promotion, and Events spaces.

London’s impressive startup landscape continues to expand with the emergence of innovative ventures. From green wellness agencies and AI-driven event platforms to event management software and e-commerce marketplaces, these startups are bringing fresh concepts to the table. They are not just sparking conversations but are also inspiring established businesses to adapt, innovate, and grow.

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