Which London Database Startups Are Shaping the UK Tech Scene?

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As the growth of the digital era accelerates, data management is becoming increasingly important. Startups in the database industry are pioneering revolutionary technologies, shaping the way data is handled, stored, and utilized. Here, we shine light on some intriguing data-focused startups based out of London, adding to the mix of the dynamic UK tech scene.

From sustainability data to team development solutions, these companies are redefining how we perceive and apply data-driven operations in various sectors. In an age where data is the new currency, their solutions empower companies to better manage and leverage their data. Let’s delve into these impactful startups that are making waves in the database industry.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an investor on the lookout for innovative companies, this guide will introduce you to interesting firms changing the game with their database solutions.

ESG Book

ESG Book is an undisputed global leader in sustainability data and technology, lending their services to some of the world’s largest financial entities. Founded by Andreas Feiner, Dominic Selwood, and Hans-Robert Arndt, the company operates across multiple industry areas including Big Data, Consulting, and Fintech, establishing trust and efficiency in the world of sustainability.

Punk Money

Punk Money is a revolutionary platform for lending and borrowing money within your trusted community. A project headed by Ewan Dickie and Nicholas Stevens, Punk Money transform the financial service industry with their novel approach which involves people bypassing conventional financial institutions for loans.

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WorkStyle is reshaping how teams function and flourish. The brainchild of Nathan Murphy and Thomas Petracco, WorkStyle employs the science of organisational psychology to develop software solutions that promote effective team dynamics.


Autopsy is a data company specialized in collecting information on failed firms. This unique perspective helps other enterprises avoid similar pitfalls and strategize better, contributing to the Analytics and Software industry.

The Tapestry Agency

The Tapestry Agency offers data-driven services, anchoring their solutions in marketing strategies, data insight, analytics, and digital transformation. They work across multiple industries, including Advertising and Marketing.

Oasis Software Technology

Oasis Software Technology is a Turkish-based software development and consulting firm offering its expertise in Information Technology and Web Design.

Eose Data

Eose Data excels in Data Commercialisation and Data Sourcing and works towards delivering outstanding data services. Operating in the Outsourcing and Database industry, Eose Data has become an essential tool for many businesses.


LayrCake offers a range of services including system & UI design, mobile app development, project management, and database design. They work tirelessly to empower businesses with cutting-edge Information Technology solutions.


Otito, founded by Timi Olotu, is a platform committed to fighting misinformation. It operates in the Computer and Software industry and makes use of databases to confirm or debunk information disseminated online.

Laser Focus Data

Laser Focus Data stands out as a data driven technology company. By integrating data into their core operations, they provide industry-leading services within the database and information technology sectors.


iNf4mation offers a Salesforce/Blockchain product that addresses the critical issue of personal data privacy. They operate in numerous industries including Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and Privacy.

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Ringside Data

Ringside Data, the brainchild of Russell McAthy, provides businesses with cutting-edge marketing analytics solutions that optimise Advertising and Database ventures.


Ld8a, spearheaded by its founder Luke Porter, is transforming data storage with their ledger database technology. Providing cryptographic functionality for data storage and access, Ld8a enhances the safety, security, and efficiency of relational data storage.

The Compliance Space

The Compliance Space operates in the Cybersecurity, Database and Network Security sectors. They specialize in database management and offer critical consultancy services, lead by founder Paul Saunders.


Nr2, founded by Jordan Monnet and Maxim Parr, is a search engine tailored for entrepreneurs seeking high-growth startups to explore and invest in. Using AI, Database & Search Engine technologies, Nr2 has emerged as an essential tool for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

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