Which London Funding Platforms Have the Most Influence in 2023?

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As the startup ecosystem continues to thrive in the UK, a mounting trend is noteworthy. A horde of promising platforms focused on accelerating business ventures through funding are sprouting in London, each showcasing unique approaches and groundbreaking innovation. We delve into 15 such innovative funding platforms rooted in London, that are worth observing.

Encompassing diverse industry sectors, these startups are providing fertile grounds for other businesses to bloom. Whether it’s harnessing blockchain for investment, enabling social campaigns, or improving investment workflow for private companies, unique solutions offered by these platforms are garnering attention across the globe.

Without further ado, let’s plunge into the world of these dynamic funding platforms, their offerings, and the startups that have carved out a niche for themselves.


GraniteShares is an independent, fully funded ETF company based in New York City, aiming to redefine the investment landscape. Unveiled by William Rhind, it is predominantly active within the Financial Services, Funding Platform, and Market Research industries.


A funding platform with a people-centric approach, Peoplegogo allows you to initiate your own social campaign, drawing the right people to offer their skills, money, and expertise. It operates extensively within Collaboration, Communities, Crowdsourcing, and Funding Platforms sectors.


BUILDILY, launched by Elemi Atigolo, is a venture builder and online accelerator platform, extending support to early stage entrepreneurs and startups in achieving their business aspirations.

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Offering trailblazing solutions in invoice finance, Raise is ushering in a new era in financial services. Spearheaded by Bea Stafford and Tim Bailey, the platform dwells in Financial Services, FinTech, Funding Platform, and Risk Management industries.


Creating a perfect blend of art, digital media, and charity, Cryptograph brings you exclusive digital collectibles from renowned icons and artists, raising money for charity in perpetuity, all secured by blockchain. It’s led by founders Edouard Bessire, Guillaume Gonnaud, and Hugo McDonaugh.

Three Body Capital

Three Body Capital is a financial service firm that specializes in finance, investment management, and hedge funds. It aims to help investors make the most of their ventures through strategic investments and funding.

Hilltop Credit Partners

Hilltop Credit Partners is a property development company that merges the spheres of Financial Services, Funding Platform, Property Development, and Real Estate. Initiative by Tiger Craft, the firm provides financial and funding solutions for property development.

Home Grown

Home Grown is an online platform that provides webinars and events for entrepreneurs and investors. Functioning in the realm of Angel Investment, Communities, and Funding Platform, it fosters a nourishing environment for venture growth.

Aristata Capital

Aristata Capital provides funding solutions particularly in Impact Litigation. By adopting innovative approaches, it is revolutionising funding in various niche industrial sectors including the Funding Platform and Impact Investing.

WeGive Ventures

WeGive Ventures is a mobile app aimed at facilitating donations for charities in desperate need. In addition to functioning as a funding platform, the application adds significant value to association and charity sectors.

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Quoroom, spearheaded by Denys Goncharenko and Ulyana Shtybel, Ph.D., is a potent platform for private companies to manage investment workflow, equity, and debt securities. It operates in varied segments such as Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, FinTech, and Venture Capital.


TitanBlock is an investment & advisory firm boosting the global decentralised economy. Founded by Ryan John Donnelly, the firm operates within Blockchain, Business Development, Funding Platform, and Venture Capital industries.

Ropemaker IO

Dedicated to making crypto trading a breeze, Ropemaker IO enables the swapping of penny crypto tokens in a volume of tens millions of dollars even before they hit an exchange.

Energy Shift

Focusing on renewable energy funding, Energy Shift, launched by Filip Koprčina, is a blockchain-powered platform that enables citizens to co-invest and co-own solar farms.

FAC (Fund Admin Chain)

FAC, introduced by Brian McNulty, is a digital funds network primarily meant for launching and trading investment funds. It utilizes blockchain to bring about an effervescent change in finance, financial services, and trading platform sectors.

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