Which Are Today’s Most Influential UK Pet Industry Startups?

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With an estimated 4.7 million households owning at least one dog and a further 3.4 million with cats in the UK, the pet care industry is booming. This has led to a surge in innovative pet startups, revolutionising the way we care for our beloved companions. This article showcases 15 of the most notable pet startups and companies that have sprung up in England, UK.

These startups utilise technology in different ways, from improving pet care to ensuring responsible breeding. Some are completely online, while others have a physical presence. All of them are united by one common goal: to enhance the lives of pets and their owners.

From personalised subscription services to pet food delivery companies and mobile apps dedicated to all things pet-related, the startups featured in this article are making a significant impact on the pet industry. Presented in no particular order, here are 15 startups committed to making pet care easier, healthier, and more enjoyable.


Tailwise, founded by Dan Baird and Sam Worthy, aims to make the process of getting a pet dog safe and reliable. They connect potential dog owners with responsibly bred dogs from trusted breeders, striving to ensure that every dog gets a loving home. With its roots in the animal feed, pet and veterinary industries, Tailwise is setting a high standard for responsible breeding and pet ownership.


Itch founders Charlotte Harper, James Cox, and Jonny Gould have created a service that uses data to create personalised pet subscription packs. This innovative company helps pets live happier and healthier lives by easily providing them with premium food, supplements, and flea treatments.

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Challenging the pet care industry’s status quo, Paws, founded by Neil Hutchinson, provides affordable pet care products through its e-commerce platform. They aim to make caring for your pet brilliantly easy by delivering high-quality pet food and accessories direct to your door.


At Scrumbles, Aneisha Soobroyen and Jack Walker manufacture and deliver daily food and nutritional products for in-home pets. Striving to tick boxes for health-conscious pet owners, the company offers products free of artificial junk and packed with ethical, sustainably sourced ingredients.


Wufwuf, an innovative company founded by Caner Bayraktar and Umut İlhan, offers a monthly joy box subscription for dogs containing a selection of toys, treats and accessories. Their boxes are designed to keep your canine friend entertained, happy, and healthy.


helloBARK is a valuable online resource for pet owners, started by Kieran Beckles and Martin Caparrotta. It provides handy tips and information about pets, ensuring pet parents are well-equipped to cater for their furry friends’ needs.


BarkyMate has quickly become a trusted source for canine lovers looking for reliable reviews of dog products and services. They offer product design in addition to their comprehensive reviews, constantly aiming to help pet owners make the best choices for their pets.

Aardvark Petcare

Founded by Hugo Walters, Aardvark Petcare is an independent shop that sells nutritious foods and pet accessories. They have a strong focus on selling carefully selected items that improve the wellbeing of pets.


Headed by Ali Ganjavian , Moggie provides a unique device that serves as a chat communication and health monitor for cats. This blend of hardware, IoT technology and mobile apps has taken pet care to a whole new level.

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Untamed focuses solely on providing wholesome cat food. They deliver products that cater explicitly to our feline friends’ dietary needs, utilising a unique delivery method to bring their skills to your doorstep.


Pawsapp is an application serving as a platform that connects dog parents with trusted local dog walkers. This new venture makes it easier than ever for dog owners to ensure their four-legged friends get enough exercise, even when owners are busy with work or travel.


Natusan is an innovative company that collects and composts cat litter to convert it into fertiliser. This eco-friendly approach to waste management in the pet industry is a perfect example of the kind of innovation currently shaping the overall pet world.


Founded by Brett and Nikki O’Farrell, KatKin is all about serious cat health. They offer scientifically driven, highly nutritious food choices for cats, setting a new standard for pet health through their consumer goods, e-commerce and healthcare operations.

Most Valuable Paws

Most Valuable Paws, founded by Katerina Ventouri and Michalis Vitalis, offers a technology platform for the pet industry that provides SaaS, IT, transportation and veterinary services. The aim is to streamline pet services, making it easier for businesses, governments, and organisations to manage their pets effectively.


Rounding out this list is Camlist, a mobile app created by Moustafa Mahmoud, allowing users to buy and sell anything related to pets, pet services, and pet accessories. Camlist demonstrates the innovative ways mobile technology can be leveraged to serve the needs of the growing pet industry.

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In conclusion, these remarkable pet startups are testament to the Industry’s growth and the entrepreneurial spirit prevalent within the sector. By providing innovative and practical pet care solutions, they continue to disrupt the pet care landscape, serving as the driving force behind the industry’s shift toward a more convenient, sustainable, and efficient future.

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