Which Professional Networking Startups Are Shaping UK’s Business Landscape?

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Expanding your network nowadays can happen at the click of a button – thanks to the new generation of professional networking startups from England, United Kingdom. These companies aim to revolutionise the way we connect, learn and grow professionally, with a strong emphasis on harnessing the power of emerging technologies and online communities. From mobile apps that bring creators together, to exclusive clubs that facilitate collaborative learning processes between co-founders, these startups are bridging gaps and fostering lasting professional relationships.

What makes these networking startups particularly unique is their ability to cater to niche audiences and industries. Whether you are a female entrepreneur looking for a supportive community, or a young tech professional seeking to make a mark in the African continent, there is a platform tailored for you. The diversity and range of these startups stand testimony to the growing demands of professionals seeking to expand their horizons and find new opportunities in a rapidly evolving world.

Let’s take a closer look at these UK startups that are changing the face of professional networking in unique and exciting ways.

A League of Her Own

A League of Her Own is redefining the networking space for female entrepreneurs. This online community offers business development, social networking, and e-learning opportunities. It was founded by Charly Lester.

Co-Founders Club

The Co-Founders Club is committed to matching co-founders during a collaborative learning process. It operates in the fields of collaboration, e-learning and professional networking, and was founded by Tom Steck.

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Queen Mary Business & Enterprise Society

With a focus on FinTech, Startups, and Coding, the Queen Mary Business & Enterprise Society fosters education, enterprise, and professional networking.


Kandu, founded by Jenni Young and Nina Lovelace, is fuelling growth in the B2B, consulting, IT and Software sectors through their professional networking platform.


Creators learn together on Daisie. This mobile app provides a unique platform for professional networking and social media. It was founded by Dom Santry and Maisie Williams.


PushFar is a leading mentoring and career progression platform. Founders Ed Johnson and Gabriel Sirbu have developed this platform to streamline mentoring for individuals and organizations.

The Multiplayer Group

The Multiplayer Group is a video game development company that offers professional networking opportunities in the fields of computer vision, gaming, graphic design, and software.


Catering to the social aspect, Meetual is a dating application platform that connects people online. Founders Anton Firth and Praveen Prathapan have also integrated professional networking features into their product.

Pallot Cook Consulting

Providing specialist and niche skills in technology, Pallot Cook Consulting operates in the consulting, HR, and professional networking sectors.


The business networking platform Shub.one, founded by Adrian Wheeler and Mark Fryer, is designed to allow professionals to promote and grow their business or careers.

Centuro Global

Centuro Global, founded by Zain Ali, enables companies to enter new markets globally through their unique expansion platform while offering professional networking opportunities.

FinTech Alliance

FinTech Alliance publishes information, news, and company details in the FinTech sector while also providing a hub for events and networking.

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Tech.London, founded by George Johnston, is a comprehensive guide to the startup community, events, and jobs in London. Their platform encourages networking and learning within the world of tech startups.


Bobab is a networking platform dedicated to connecting science, tech, and business professionals working in and for Africa.


Deets, founded by Shed Simove, is an app that allows you to create a custom digital business card to instantly swap your contact details with one tap.

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