Who are England’s Top Game-Changers in Mobile App Startups?

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The United Kingdom, particularly England, is home to an emerging crowd of tech-savvy start-ups and companies whose primary blueprint is Mobile App Development. Bringing inventive concepts to life and solving complex business challenges are the fundamental ethos that these companies embody. These vibrant tech communities are reimagining the future of digital industries in dynamic ways. Here, we delve into fifteen such start-ups that are making their presence felt in the digital market with their innovative mobile applications.


Evercloud‘s primary aim is to meet the ever-growing needs of startups and SMEs. Their platform allows businesses to discover and access some of the best apps and tools tailored for them. Evercloud aims to be the one-stop place for all quality business app solutions. The founding team remains anonymous, working diligently behind the scenes.


Founded by Balal Raja and Jamal Khan, Datahoard helps you manage your digital footprint. The start-up allows individuals to monetise their data by sharing it with vetted companies. Users can view, control, and even earn from their data, creating a unique paradigm shift in users’ interaction with digital platforms.


Shift, co-founded by Jacob Corlett, is an on-demand technology platform tailored towards streamlining the logistics market. By integrating Artificial Intelligence, the app optimizes delivery services, connecting business and consumer needs in one interactive platform.

Get Groomed

Looking for a specialized grooming service? Look no further than Get Groomed. This tech/beauty company’s app brings beauty treatments and grooming services right to your doorstep. Enhance your wellness and beauty routine with the professional service that Get Groomed offers.

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Yojji, founded by Ildar Kulmuhametov, Timofey Lebedev, and Yevhen Piotrovskyi, is a platform that provides custom software development for Web and mobile. With a broad range of services from Information Technology to Web Development, Yojji continues to make a significant impact in the web and mobile space.


Jake Schofield, Jan Domanski, and Sven Kirkerup founded Labstep to enhance scientific processes by capturing real-time data. The internally shareable timeline of a lab’s activity provided by Labstep brings a new level of transparency and efficiency to scientific research.

The BullBear

The BullBear is a platform offering investing and trading solutions to businesses. This platform acts as a catalyst to enhance business growth by offering customised solutions in the trading and investment sector.


Imagine being able to earn extra cash while travelling or buy something from abroad without being there. Meet tradechum, co-founded by Alisa Sakovych and Tadeusz Bartkiewicz. This mobile application connects these two interests, creating a win-win situation for both parties.

Window Seater

Navigate the beautiful world outside your windows with Window Seater. Founded by Pete Silvester and Richard Edwards, Window Seater enhances your travel experience by delivering carefully curated stories and highlights about routes, cities, and places of interest as you travel.

Swiftspeed Appcreator

Swiftspeed Appcreator, founded by Akinola Akinade, is a no-code App Maker software. This platform allows making cross-platform mobile applications seamlessly, providing a boost for non-tech founders wanting to turn their app ideas into reality rapidly.


Fiit, co-founded by Daniel Shellard, Ian McCaig, and Sammi Adhami, moves fitness classes from the gym to your home. Fiit offers on-demand fitness classes, group workouts, and training plans, establishing itself as a leader in digital wellness and fitness.

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Enter the dating scene with confidence and security with Reveal. Co-founded by Edward Harvey, Sean Ferriter, and Tom Buzzard, Reveal is a location-based dating app, bridging the gap for interested users to communicate and connect.

City Surfer

Christopher Roach’s City Surfer is your all-in-one guide, whether you’re a foodie, raver, or fashion guru. The app effortlessly helps you find local hidden gems in the city, ensuring you gain the most out of every city excursion.


Echron, a software and e-commerce consultancy founded by Stijn Duynslaeger, caters to diverse industries’ needs. The consultancy manages everything from cloud infrastructure to mobile app development.


Coposition presents a trusted and secure solution to handle location data. The start-up abides by a robust privacy policy and operates wholly in the realm of geospatial services, enhancing location-based services for various businesses.

Each of these start-ups brings a unique perspective to mobile application services. Their innovative approach to solving conventional and modern problems shapes the mobile application industry into an expansive, creative, and more user-friendly place. They’re not just lifting the mobile app development space higher but also setting the stage for future start-ups to leap from.

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