Which Training Startups are Transforming UK’s Professional Development Landscape?

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The United Kingdom is one of the leading players in the startup industry, spanning across various sectors. One of the trending sectors in the UK is Training, where startups are driving innovation with unique services and new technologies. Here are some promising UK-based training startups to keep an eye on.

Games Without Frontiers

Games Without Frontiers is redesigning simulation software to accelerate the way humanity learns, trains and teaches. Working in the corporate training, gaming, simulation, and training industry, they present an innovative way forward for businesses keen on upskilling their workforce.

Ten Bear Group

The Ten Bear Group leverages the power of social listening and consumer insights to provide concise consumer insight reports. Their analytics, consulting, and training services help businesses make data-driven decisions.

Dual Good Health

Dual Good Health uses virtual reality to train more people on how to save lives. Founded by Anna Stoilova and Morgan Page, Dual Good Health operates in the Medical, Training, and Virtual Reality industries.


CO:CUBED helps FTSE100 companies embrace the startup revolution by defining and executing their collaborative innovation capabilities. Founded by Jeremy Basset, they operate in a range of industries including corporate training, event management, incubators, open source and SaaS, among others.

BlockMark Technologies

BlockMark Technologies provides software systems, blockchain technology, and cybersecurity services to clients. Their diverse solutions extend to training and education on blockchain technology and cybersecurity.

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Fiona Mackenzie

Operating in the Training industry, Fiona Mackenzie offers performance coaching for female tech founders. Her services are aimed at leveling the playing field in the tech industry.

Hack The Box

Hack The Box provides a training platform and community designed for advancing skills in penetration testing and cybersecurity. Founded by Aris Zikopoulos, Haris Pylarinos, and James Hooker, Hack The Box’s unique model of training and skill assessment is widely regarded.

Trade Mastermind

The UK’s number one training provider for trades and construction businesses, Trade Mastermind helps owners get off the tools and earn seven figures. Founded by Joseph Valente, Trade Mastermind’s services are revolutionizing the construction industry.

MPL Mass Spec

MPL Mass Spec offers service contracts, preventative maintenance, billable service calls, remote diagnosis, training, and relocation services in the Medical Device and Training industries.

NewbyCore Consulting Limited

Created by Scott Newby, NewbyCore Consulting Limited delivers high quality mental health first aid training courses, leadership coaching and colleague experience services.


ARuVR (formerly VRtuoso) combines the power of XR content creation and real-time guided content consumption, with live streaming; all within a SaaS platform. Founded by Frank Furnari and Marco Moncalvo, ARuVR operates within a range of sectors including augmented reality, corporate training, e-learning, and more.

THRIVE Learning

THRIVE Learning, founded by Mark Ward, offers skills development facilitation and Seta accreditation, alongside Professional Training and Coaching services.

The Coaching Masters

The Coaching Masters provides marketing, branding, sales process, social media, coaching & consulting, and outsourcing, in the advertising, education, professional services and training sectors.

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SaaSLeads specialises in helping SaaS tech firms build teams providing unique programs and training. They operate across the Information technology, Professional services, and Training sectors.


The multidisciplinary team at 33N provides analytics, consulting, training, and modeling services for a broad spectrum of industries.

The listed startups are leading a wave of disruption in the training industry, providing innovative solutions to complex problems. With their unique positioning, advanced methods, and future-facing technology, they present excellent opportunities for investors and stakeholders.

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