Which Are Top Business Intelligence Startups Transforming UK’s Industry Landscape?

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As England emerges as a global hub for technology and innovation, the landscape of Business Intelligence (BI) startups has grown dramatically. These startups encompass a range of industries, from B2B services and enterprise software to real estate and retail. Within this flourishing ecosystem, several notable companies are making waves with their innovative approaches and cutting-edge solutions.

The purpose of this article is to shine a spotlight on 15 of these English BI startups. By examining their key offerings and unique selling points, we hope to provide a comprehensive overview of the emerging BI scene within England. Each of these companies represents a different facet of the diverse and multifaceted BI industry.

Without further ado, let’s delve into these remarkable startups and understand what they bring to the table in the world of Business Intelligence.

Think Ahoy

Think Ahoy simplifies the process of setting up and growing businesses amid an ever-changing industry landscape. Founded by Anvesh Gopalam, Jeanny Paren, and Karthik Pisipaty, the company provides services in B2B, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Real Estate, and SaaS.

Radiate B2B

Co-founded by Mike Weston and Riaz Kanani, Radiate B2B offers a unique intent data platform that provides insights on company activities, helping gauge potential interest and sales leads. Its primary areas of focus are Advertising Platforms, B2B, Business Intelligence, Marketing, SaaS, and Sales Automation.

Goldstein Market Intelligence

Shivam Gupta launched Goldstein Market Intelligence to assist businesses in making informed decisions and strategy planning. The company specialises in Business Intelligence, Consulting, Management Consulting, and Market Research.

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JustSave.co.uk, started by Chris Ball, is a money-saving platform that provides discounts from top brands. The company operates in the fields of Business Intelligence and Consumer.


Deirdre Mc Gettrick and Raymond Wright’s ufurnish.com is a large search and discovery platform for home furniture and furnishings. The startup provides services under the categories of Business Intelligence, E-Commerce, Internet, Publishing, and Search Engine.


Founded by Neelendra Nath, Innovitas is an innovation intelligence and design company based in London. They provide services within the realms of Analytics, Business Intelligence, Consulting, Information Technology, Management Consulting, Market Research, and Small and Medium Businesses.


TokenAnalyst, started by Jai Prasad and Sid Shekhar, empowers businesses with enterprise-grade tools and data to understand and access blockchains. Its expertise lies in Analytics, Blockchain, Business Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, and Internet.

Mistral Data

Mistral Data, is an IT company that provides IT consultation, software development, and business intelligence services. It operates in the Business Intelligence, Information Technology, and Software sectors.

Sense Street

Sense Street is an internet-based company which works within Business Development and Business Intelligence.


Tim El-Sheikh started Mindzilla which provides Science, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Knowledge Management, and Service Industry services.


Reallm, initiated by Lottie Liebling, is a data analytics platform specifically designed for marketplaces. The company operates in the Business Intelligence, Computer, Marketplace, and Software sectors.


Smartproxy provides a proxy server rental service for high-quality IP addresses. Operating within the spheres of Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Information Technology, Network Security, SaaS, and Software, Smartproxy publicly provides access to data.

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Redkite is a consulting firm offering business strategy, visualization, data analytics, integration, and advisory services. It focuses on the Business Intelligence, Consulting, Finance, and Information Services sectors.


LatentBridge offers automation solutions with cloud-based SAAS platforms for process assessment, investment advice, and trade settlements. It operates within Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Industrial Automation, SaaS, and Software.


Launched by Ed Janvrin and Kim Atherton, Just3Things is a unique SaaS platform empowering businesses to align and focus their efforts, enabling them to react swiftly to change. The company’s operations span across Business Intelligence, SaaS, and Software sectors.

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