Who are London’s Leading Medical Startups Revolutionising Healthcare in 2023?

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London, known for centuries as a global hotspot for innovation, continues to lead the world in creating groundbreaking startups, particularly within the medical field. From utilising the latest technology to improve patient care, to pioneering new methods of diagnosis and treatment, the startups showcased in this article are shaping the future of the medical industry in exciting and remarkable ways. Each company is unique, solving complex healthcare issues with inventive solutions.

The new ‘HealthTech’ wave harnessing the vast potential of recent technological advancements is buzzing in the capital. From virtual reality applications for medical training to advanced sensors for detection and imaging, these startups are pushing the boundaries, aiming for breakthroughs that could revolutionise global healthcare. Despite the various challenges presented by the complex journey of a startup, these companies remain resilient in their mission to fulfil unmet medical needs.

Presented here are 15 London-based startups that are uncloaking extraordinary innovations in the medical field. They are contributing to significant advances – not just in scientific knowledge but also in the accessibility, efficiency, and effectiveness of healthcare solutions.


Gogodoc positions itself as a leader in the health service industry. Its mission is to blend the essential services of healthcare, general practitioners, and health industries by offering a unique and personalised experience to patients. It was founded by Charles Bosco, Raj Siva, and Vijay Sivapalan.

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Spectrum Logic

Specializing in developing and producing medical detection and imaging products, Spectrum Logic uses CMOS image sensors to make a substantial impact on the medical device manufacturing scene.

Dual Good Health

Combining medical training and virtual reality, Dual Good Health established by Anna Stoilova and Morgan Page, uses advanced technology to train more people to save lives effectively.


Accunea, founded by Nick Housby and Robert Learney, is developing a real-time continuous monitoring system for transplant organ function, with a primary focus on kidneys.


Scan.com reaches into healthcare and diagnostics with a unique marketplace model. Founders Charlie Bullock, Joe Daniels, and Khalid Latief use modern methods to give access to medical services through this platform.

ExSeed Health

ExSeed Health is a MedTech/Software company in the reproductive health space. Co-founders Daniel Gewecke Daugaard, Emil Andersen, Morten G. Ulsted aim to provide dedicated solutions for fertility treatments.


At the cutting edge of biotechnology and pharmaceutical therapies, Francesca Crawford established SomaNautix to develop innovative Oncology products.

QuickCount Ltd

QuickCount Ltd is a company dedicated to assisting health care with a custom-developed point-of-care blood testing medical device. Founders Callum Hay, Mohit Devgan, and Pashiini Supramaniam aim to make blood testing quicker and more efficient.

Vivum Health

Vivum Health, founded by Maximilian Kerz, offers cutting edge tools to clients to take control of their health and wellness.


With its roots in digital health, humanpeople introduced by Dr Geoff Mullan and Henry Fyson, is a preventative healthcare platform designed to address daily health issues and prevent chronic diseases.


Neuroloom founded by Benjamin Paul, blends biology with electronics to revolutionise neurostimulation therapies, presenting a pioneering approach in life science and medical device industry.

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Manta Store

Operating an online retail platform, the Manta Store offers a selection of cohesive bandages, sports tapes, and other physiotherapy products for its customers.


PrimeCarers, an initiative by James Bowdler, is a care platform aimed at aiding those in need of care to connect with the right caregivers efficiently.


Utilizing technology to streamline the clinical study process, uMedeor, started by Matt Wilson, offers healthcare providers an automated solution for running patient research more efficiently.

My Online Therapy

My Online Therapy, co-founded by Dr. Elena Touroni, Dr. Tom Pennybacker, and Elettra Bianchi Dennerlein, is a unique virtual psychology clinic that leverages technology to offer mental health support.

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