Which UK Accounting Startups Are Revolutionising Financial Management in 2023?

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Welcome to an exciting exploration of the dynamic and innovative accounting startups that have emerged from the UK in recent years. Taking advantage of the rise in digital technology, these startups are revolutionising the accountancy sector. They’re offering new solutions for businesses, freelancers, and individuals, ranging from financial management tools to tax compliance systems. Let’s take a closer look and identify what sets these forward-thinking companies apart in a sector known for its traditional, established practices.

While the talent driving these startups comes from diverse backgrounds, they share a common vision of making accounting simpler, more accessible, and efficient. By elegant design and clever use of technology, these startups are transforming a traditionally complex part of business operations into a straightforward process. Sit back and enjoy as we embark on a journey through the remarkable world of UK accounting startups.

Uncover a diverse range of progressive startups in the accounting sector, from Fiskl’s global financial management platform, to Apari’s real-time tax overview. Each company has its unique selling points, reflected in their innovative services and products. So, let’s dive in and learn more about these 15 pioneering UK-based accounting startups.


Fiskl is a global financial management and accounting platform designed specifically for SMEs. The platform was brought into existence by Alina Lapusneanu, Monica Burian, and Shawn Vader and spans several industries, including Accounting, B2B, Finance, Mobile, SaaS, Small and Medium Businesses, and Software.

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Founded by Dean Robinson, Prospr is an agile consultancy management platform for digital transformation consultancies. Prospr is recognized in several industries like Accounting, B2B, Business Information Systems, Consulting, CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Software.

JWB Corporate

JWB Corporate specializes in providing companies with accountancy and tax compliance services. They have rooted themselves firmly in the Accounting, Financial Services, and Professional Services sectors.


TaxScouts is a tax preparation platform that simplifies tax planning. Founded by Dan Karger, Kaupo Kõrv, and Mart Abramov, the platform provides services in Accounting, Financial Services, FinTech, SaaS, and Software sectors.


Finmo founded by J.D. Rainey and Sei Moon, offers a financial management tool for self-employed workers to improve financial health and simplify tax filing. It operates within the Accounting, Financial Services, FinTech, Freelance, Personal Finance industries.


untied, created by Kevin Sefton, Marcus Tettmar, and Richard Mann, is the UK’s personal tax app designed to offer a trusted layer between financial transactions, the tax system, and individuals. It encompasses the Accounting, Financial Services, and FinTech sectors.


ShareForce, founded by Christo Kritzinger and Michael Ketz, specializes in providing a cloud-based solution to manage a company’s cash incentive schemes in one application. It operates mainly within the Accounting, Cloud Management, and Financial Services sectors.

Lyeloon Limited

Co-founded by Dharan Desai and Lyeloon Kazi, Lyeloon Limited helps startups manage their finance function by providing CFO, Controller, and Bookkeeping Services at minimal cost. It exists within the Accounting, FinTech, Management Consulting, Professional Services sectors.

Workr Group

Workr Group is a dynamic firm providing accounting, payroll, tax, back office, and financial services. Its area of expertise includes the Accounting, Finance, Financial Services, and Professional Services sectors.

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Jugo Systems

Offering EPOS software, accounting, online ticketing, and warehouse management solutions, Jugo Systems offers a wide range of facilities and services within the Accounting, Information Technology, Software sectors.

Online Account Filing

Online Account Filing established by Dave Jangid, provides accounting and tax filing services to small businesses in the United Kingdom. It fits comfortably in the Accounting, FinTech, Taxi Service sectors.


Founded by Anita Kainth and Sudesh Sud, Apari is a digital accounting software that automates quarterly/yearly tax returns for Making Tax Digital and offers a real-time tax overview. Services primarily fall under the Accounting, Financial Services, and Software sectors.

hAIbooks accounting software

hAIbooks accounting software is a company providing accounting services in the Accounting, Finance, and Software sectors.


As a fintech platform, Accountables delivers financial services primarily to small and medium businesses, within the Accounting, Financial Services, FinTech, Small and Medium Businesses sectors.


LS&CG, founded by Debasis Chakraborty, is a management consulting firm offering fintech solutions as well as business strategy, accounting, and legal advisory services. The firm operates within the Accounting, Financial Services, FinTech, and Management Consulting sectors.

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