Which UK-Based Social Network Startups Are Shaping Our Digital Future?

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United Kingdom is recognised as being one of the fastest growing tech ecosystems globally. It’s startup scene is no less than a goldmine of innovation, with particularly the Social Network arena having some very promising newcomers. Let’s take a look at some of these start-ups that have been making waves.

From private membership clubs for business founders to travel companion apps and Dating sites, the diversity of Social Network startups emerging from England is simply remarkable. They are not just transforming the way people connect and interact, but also enabling opportunities for monetisation on the internet and even impact investing. Here are the ones to watch:

All of these startups, challenge the status quo in their own unique way, and have the potential to disrupt their respective sectors. So, let’s dive in and explore these enterprises!


Amvigo is a virtual private membership club specifically catered towards London’s business founders and C-Suite. Founded by Angela Moran, the startup is positioned in the Communities, Social Network and Travel space.


MNFST’s mission is to help people realise, develop and monetise all their digital profiles. The startup, founded by Michael Sokolov and Victor Belogub, operates in the SaaS and Social Network Industry.


Birda, founded by Dom Barker and John and Natalie White, is a platform dedicated to connecting people with nature. Birda operates in various industries including Information Technology, Lifestyle and Social Network.

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Norn is an Edtech for mental health, founded by Travis Hollingsworth. Norn revolves around Digital Media, Social Network, and Personal Health.

A League of Her Own

A League Of Her Own is an online community for female entrepreneurs founded by Charly Lester. The startup operates in sectors like Business Development, Communities, E-Learning and Social Network.

Follow Alice

Follow Alice aims to make adventure travel a truly holistic and personal client experience by blending technology with human interaction. Founded by Daniel Louis, Reto Bolliger and Sebastian Schmidt, the startup operates in Adventure Travel, Communities, Social Network, Tour Operator and Tourism sectors.


HappyGo founded by Jack Barham, is a dating app that pairs the user on blind dates with people they share mutual friends with on Facebook. The startup is positioned in the Dating, and Social Network industry.

Hello Daisy

Hello Daisy founded by David Mark, is a private social media platform that enables internet use through the TV. The startup operates in Fitness, Health Care, Internet, Social Media and Social Network sectors.


Meetro is a Travel Companion App designed to connect travellers. The startup is categorized in the Dating, Navigation and Social Network sectors.


Ripplear is an open world network where people can create a ripple effect with their thoughts and monetise it. The Startup operates in Online Portals, Social Media and Social Network sectors.

Rekit App – Ask.Share.Help

Rekit is a social network specially created for recommendations. Founded by Asdren Zhubi, it belongs to the Communities, Mobile Apps, Social Media and Social Network sectors.

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My Motiff

My Motiff, founded by Tyrone Bryant, is a social networking app that connects individuals in a new way, operating solely in the Social Network sector.


Flare is all about a new way to monetise on the internet, powered by distributed storage. Founded by Jamie Cox, the startup is categorised under Cloud Storage, Data Storage, Privacy and Social Network sectors.


AlphaSwap was founded by Francois Devillez, Khing Oei and Vladimir Agaev. Operating in Analytics, Asset Management, Crowdsourcing, Financial Services, FinTech, Impact Investing, Social Network, Wealth Management sectors AlphaSwap is an investment technology platform that compiles its analyst community’s best stock ideas into Data-as-a-Service.

OTP London Ltd

OTP London Ltd, founded by Alan Engele and XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX, is a startup tech company and software publishers of OTP.AR WORLD App. The start-up operates in sectors like Augmented Reality, Big Data, Dating, Mobile Apps, Publishing, Social Network and Software.

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