Which UK Computer Startups are Influencing the Tech Landscape in 2023?

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UKT.news is thrilled to showcase an array of unique and innovative computer startups sprouting from the fertile ground of the United Kingdom’s technology industry. These startups are shaking up their respective industries with cutting-edge solutions from advanced AI to disruption of the construction industry with their AR technology. Here is a closer look at each of these fascinating UK startups and what makes them tick.

Our tech-focused world has never been more ripe for computer startups and the UK has quickly become a hot bed for tech innovation. We’ve scanned the digital landscape to bring you a list of 15 UK based computer startups that are pushing the boundaries of technology and reshaping the digital landscape across various industries.

From industry giants to little-known gems, startups in this sector are driving some of the most exciting innovative changes in their respective fields. The sector is vibrant, with a good mix of young energetic startups alongside mature businesses growing globally. In this showcase, we’ve included everything from AI, e-commerce, cloud computing, adtech, and much more.

Devnet Inc

Devnet Inc, an adtech startup spearheaded by Ian Weston and Tim Ocock, is focusing on edge network advertising for internet service providers. The company operates within the wide range of industries such as Advertising, Advertising Platforms, Computer, Internet, and Travel.

L C Computers

L C Computers specializes in all aspects of domestic and business computer repair demonstrating inherent proficiency in Customer Service, Hardware, Retail, and Service Industry.

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A cloud-based project managing prodigy, Barvas is setting a new standard in the Computer and Software industries.


Founded by Alex Cheung, Kami.ai is an AI conversational platform that powers businesses with smart robot advisory services. With a footing in critical areas such as Artificial Intelligence, HCI, and Machine Learning, the company is paving the way for AI-based solutions.


Labstep, led by Jake Schofield, Jan Domanski, and Sven Kirkerup, captures real-time scientific process data to provide an internally shareable timeline of a lab’s activities. This startup is creating sparks in the Analytics, Collaboration, Computer, Mobile Apps, and Software sectors.

Drone Guard

For all the drone enthusiasts out there, Drone Guard provides commercial drone insurance for CAA qualified operators with PfCO, fully compliant with regulation EC 785/2004.

XYZ Reality

XYZ Reality, under the leadership of David Mitchell, Murray Hendriksen, and Umar Ahmed, is disrupting the construction industry with a unique Augmented Reality solution able to reduce project costs by up to 20%.


LCD4Laptop is an online retailer and wholesaler of cables, screens, AC adaptors, chargers, keyboards, and touch digitizers.


Formed to commercialize point cloud processing technology (Vercator), Correvate has emerged from UCL. Its foundation is laid by Dr David Selviah and Roger Maran and the company operates in 3D Technology, Big Data, Civil Engineering, Cloud Computing, Cloud Data Services, Computer, Computer Vision, and Construction sectors.

Valkyrie Industries

Contributing to AI, AR, HCI, Machine Learning, Robotics, and VR, Valkyrie Industries, led by Ivan Isakov, Kourosh Atefipour, Oliver Cleveley-Jones, is creating a universal platform that delivers a natural perception.

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Machine Medicine Technologies

Machine Medicine is developing an operating system for neuromodulation and other types of precision neurotherapeutics. The company was founded by Georgiana Petria and Jonathan O’Keeffe.


grt.tech, particularized by Tony Hazel, furnishes IT Services and Computer Repair solutions.

Fishy Filaments

Fishy Filaments is truly innovative, transforming used fishing nets into 3D printer filament. The brainchild of Ian Falconer, the company is setting a precedent in the 3D Printing, Computer, and Manufacturing sectors.


An online tech store with a wide range, Ultradeals offers a wide variety of consumer electronics, computers, mobiles, broadband, gaming, and accessories.


With founders Daniel Stofan and Lukas Hruby at the helm, GoodVision provides an Advanced Traffic Analytics Platform using Artificial Intelligence. They operate in a variety of sectors including Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Computer Vision, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, SaaS, Smart Cities, and Transportation.

The UK truly is rich with innovative and exciting tech startups that are transforming the digital landscape. From AR in construction to AI in analytics, the future of UK’s tech industry certainly seems bright. These 15 companies are ones to certainly keep an eye on; they might just be shaping the future of their respective industries.

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