Which UK Cosmetics Startups are Revolutionising the Beauty Industry Today?

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The cosmetics industry in the UK is thriving, with a wealth of innovative startups carving their niche and making waves in the beauty, retail, and e-commerce sectors. From online marketplaces selling a variety of beauty and skincare products to bespoke brands prioritising inclusivity and eco-friendly initiatives, UK cosmetic startups are becoming increasingly sophisticated, addressing a wide spectrum of customer demands and trends. Here are 15 such businesses introducing novel concepts and revolutionising the cosmetics industry.

These startups, each with their unique propositions and ideologies, are shaping the future of cosmetics. They embody creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and a keen awareness of consumer expectations. With an insightful understanding of the industry, they are reinventing traditional notions of beauty and personal hygiene.

From allergen-neutral skincare to brands dedicated to naturally curly hair, these startups are passionately pushing boundaries in their respective domains, forging a path of innovation and growth. Without further ado, let us introduce you to the exciting cosmos of the UK-based cosmetics startups.

The Wild Curl

The brainchild of Albert Abello Lozano and Vanessa Martins Lopes, The Wild Curl is a brand dedicated to encouraging women to embrace their natural curls. Their product range focuses on maintaining and enhancing the beauty of curly hair.


In the ever-evolving space of skincare, Oodee has established itself as a trusted brand for allergen-neutral products. The startup, founded by Karen Harwood and Victoria Tydeman, considers itself the herald of next-generation clean beauty.

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OTO merges beauty and wellness with its unique range of CBD-based skincare and healthcare products. The startup, co-founded by Gemma Colao, is manufacturing high-quality cosmetic products infused with CBD.


Offering an application of science to skincare, dermoi! creates cosmeceutical products. In addition to their product range, they provide skincare analysis, personalised advice, and treatment plans to their consumers.

Sports HAI

Founded by Grace de Alvaro, Sports HAI is possibly the world’s first makeup brand dedicated to healthy, active, and inspiring individuals. It’s not just makeup, it’s a lifestyle choice.


An e-commerce platform selling beauty and personal care products, Cosmetify covers all bases with its extensive range of cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and nail care products.

Insignia London

Insignia London is an e-commerce store known for its organic skincare products. They champion the cause of natural beauty with their organic offerings.

Clockface Beauty

Clockface Beauty, spearheaded by Sarah Thomas, is all about 100% natural, organic, and vegan skincare. Their products are beauty solutions that customers can trust.


Providing organic and naturally designed skincare products, Faace believes in delivering natural and effective skincare solutions to its consumers.

Love Ocean

With a focus on sustainability, Love Ocean, founded by Gabrielle Jennings, offers eco-friendly bathroom products in sustainable packaging, promoting a practice of conscious consumerism.


GetHarley provides end-to-end skincare solutions, aiming to cater to diverse skin types and concerns with a personalised approach.

Beauty Matching Engine

An AI-driven platform, Beauty Matching Engine, founded by Nidhima Kohli, utilises machine learning to predict, personalise and enhance the e-commerce journey of its customers in the beauty sector.

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CTZN Cosmetics

CTZN Cosmetics offers an expansive array of nude lip products, proving themselves as the industry leader in this specific cosmetic segment.

My Beauty Brand

Max Leykind-led, My Beauty Brand partners with artists, brands, and talent worldwide to bring limited-edition beauty collections formulated by experts to its customers.

Yard and Parish

Co-founded by Alesha Bailey and Samantha Newell, Yard and Parish is an online marketplace that features fashion, accessories, and lifestyle products representing the African Diaspora.

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