Who are the Leading Innovators in UK’s 2023 Clean Energy Startups?

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The adoption of clean energy solutions is growing exponentially, and the United Kingdom is proving to be a hotbed of innovative companies turning to renewable resources. These groundbreaking startups are leveraging the latest technologies, from artificial intelligence and blockchain to advanced materials and IoT, to combat environmental challenges and foster a sustainable future. Here, we present to you notable UK clean energy startups that are making significant strides in this dynamic sector.

From blockchain-powered energy management to water monitoring devices and fitness machines that convert workout energy into usable electrical power, these startups are deploying cutting-edge solutions that extend beyond the conventional energy sector. They demonstrate the diverse means through which technology can drive forward the clean energy transition and the breadth of its implication on multiple aspects of our everyday lives.

Arguably, these startups not just see clean energy as a national initiative but as a global responsibility. Through exploring innovative ways of managing and harnessing clean energy, they commit to a greener, sustainable future that benefits both the environment and the economy. Let’s delve into the work and the stories behind each of these startups.


UrbanChain is leveraging artificial intelligence and blockchain to revolutionize the energy sector. Co-founded by Mo Hajhashem and Somayeh Taheri, UrbanChain focuses on renewables, distributed energy management, and peer-to-peer exchange systems, demonstrating the intersection of AI, blockchain, and clean energy. Their revolutionary approach to local energy market creation and virtual power plants signifies a forward-thinking approach to energy distribution and consumption.

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Co-Founders Glyn Cotton and Scott Porter established WATR to address the critical need for clean water. WATR innovatively devises a self-powered, portable water monitor offering real-time data and notification alerts, thereby directly impacting clean energy production, water resource management, and environmental engineering.

Continuum Industries

Emphasizing the essential role of transmission in the energy transition, co-founders Emil Hansen, Grzegorz Marecki, and Matt Blythe are spearheading Continuum Industries. Their core technology leverages AI to accelerate the development of new transmission lines, contributing to a more sustainable and efficient renewable energy infrastructure.


Energym is an enterprising project initiated by Will Flint. The startup creates clean-energy generating gym equipment that transforms workouts into electrical power. Their innovative solution merges the realms of fitness, healthcare, and clean technology for a greener and healthier environment.

Qdot Technology

With a focus on more efficient and sustainable power solutions, Qdot Technology’s thermal management technology promises clean energy for the generation and utilization of electrical power. Their pioneering approach to electronics and clean energy demonstrates a fresh perspective on harnessing and managing energy.

FutureFuel Technology

Co-founders Liam Ray and Tom Bingham’s FutureFuel Technology is combining clean energy, cryptocurrency, and off-grid power to create the UK’s largest off-grid renewable cryptocurrency mining company. Their utilization of Bitcoin and Blockchain in tandem with clean energy reinforces the potential of these technologies for sustainable industrial applications.


HyDIME is an Innovate UK funded project dedicated to advancing the use of hydrogen as an environmentally friendly fuel for a commercial ferry. Though not much is known about the founders, HyDIME is testament to the feasibility of alternative fuel sources in large-scale, industrial applications.

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Shearwater Energy

Shearwater Energy, a clean energy incubator and think tank, is primarily focused on low-cost bulk hydrogen production and supply. The startup embodies the convergence of clean energy innovation with strategic project management practices.

SEaB Energy

Co-founded by Nick Sassow and Sandra Sassow, SEaB Energy has patented a micro anaerobic digestion system for onsite and in-building conversion of organics to energy, water, and fertiliser. This technology is a revolutionary approach in clean energy, waste management, and sustainability.


CORE POWER (UK) Ltd, led by founder Mikal Boe, believes advanced atomic technologies can significantly transform heavy transport and industry. Its pioneering work in clean energy, marine transportation, and nuclear technology holds the potential to reshape conventional energy models.


Spearheaded by Lewis Sim and Raymond Milne, Legasea provides environmental oil and gas services with a distinct focus on a circular economy for subsea production systems and controls. Their eco-friendly attitude towards the oil and gas industry represents a unique approach to cleaner energy practices and waste management.


Carnot, founded by Archie Watts-Farmer, Francis Lempp, and Nadiur Rahman, is a developer of hydrogen engines intended to reduce fuel consumption and emit zero CO2. Carnot’s work in clean energy exemplifies the potential of evolving engine technologies in combating environmental pollution.


Co-founders Petar Besevic and Simon Spurrier’s Altroleum is a software development startup targeting the energy transition. Through their innovative software solutions, Altroleum is making a substantial contribution to the digitalization of the clean energy industry.

US Solar Fund

US Solar Fund is a renewable energy fund that provides investment opportunities within the clean energy sector. The fund’s work acts as a catalyst for sustainable investments that benefit not just the environment but also the financial market.

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RHC IMZADI Hydrogen Consulting

RHC IMZADI Hydrogen Consulting, founded by Andrew Murphy, is a specialist boutique consultancy dedicated to supporting companies and organisations interested in joining the Energy Transition. Their work emphasizes the relevance of consulting and innovation management in achieving clean energy goals.

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