Which UK Developer API Startups Are Pioneering the Tech Industry?

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For the discerning techie reader, we bring to you today a selection of some exceptional Developer APIs startups and companies, thriving in the United Kingdom. These up-and-coming companies are revolutionising tech spaces, from Big Data and Fintech to SEO and Geospatial Technology. So let’s dive in and meet the fresh faces of the tech world.

We’ve curated an impressive list of startups innovating in the developer APIs landscape. From managing location data to implementing swift e-commerce deliveries, these startups are hinged on creativity and sophistication. Each brings a unique flavor to the industry and illustrates the variety and diversity in the developer APIs niche in the UK.

Here, we explore the workings of these companies, their industry, and who our geniuses behind the scenes are. Whether you are an investor scouting for new ventures, a startup enthusiast, or a developer interested in APIs, there’s definitely something here for you. So sit back, and enjoy the ride!


In the realm of data monetization comes the startup Datahoard. Founded by Balal Raja and Jamal Khan, this company is shaking things up in the B2B, Big Data, Cloud Data Services, and more. In a nutshell, Datahoard empowers individuals to earn money by sharing their data with vetted companies, thus allowing for control over their digital footprints.


The Fintech Industry sees an innovator in FSBT.tech. Spearheaded by Alexander Malin, Igors Astapchiks, and Mikhail Skoblov, it provides an open API platform for software developers and partner institutions, expanding the horizons in Apps, Information Technology, and Software development.

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Next up, we have SerpWow, a startup aiming to redefine the way we utilize Google Search Results. In the industry of Developer APIs, Search Engine, and SEO, SerpWow is designing the future by making Google Search Results available through an API.


Coposition ventures into the technology of managing location data securely. This API startup excels in Location Based Services, Mobile Apps, and Privacy, among others, promising to transform the way we handle location data.


Transforming the e-commerce landscape is Carryr. Focusing on Delivery Experience, this startup by Chris Jordan and Mike Zhang offers a clean and immediate 90-min delivery, with the option to schedule for later, for e-commerce brands and shoppers alike.

TLC Mobile

Operating in the Messaging, Mobile, SMS, and Software industries, TLC Mobile is redefining Bulk SMS Messaging Service through their innovative solutions, offering flexible and optimized communications for companies and individuals.


Design & development services startup, Molinto, led by co-founder Sharry Stowell, specialises in everything from Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Infrastructure to Natural Language Processing and Web Development.


Turning heads in the blockchain Industry, Nethermind, founded by Tomasz Kajetan Stanczak, is simplifying solutions to challenging problems in the blockchain sphere, leveraging Ethereum and FinTech to do so.


At the cutting edge of Information Services, Information Technology, and Privacy, is Metomic. Founders, Benjamin van Enckevort and Richard Vibert, are keenly focused on protecting sensitive data in SaaS applications.


Qredo, a fast-moving digital assets platform founded by Anthony Foy and Brian Spector, is making waves in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cyber Security, and FinTech industries.

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Tickitto is innovatively reshaping the Events and Ticketing industry. To enrich the relationship between brands and customers, Dana Lattouf and her team offer unique access to the world’s best events.


Entering the software solution landscape is HotDeskPlus. Founder Chris Burke aims to optimise workspace, reduce costs, and enhance employees’ well-being.


Geospatial intelligence startup, LandHawk, founded by Tim Hughes, is utilizing technology to drive responsible land and property development, thus building better places for people.


Digital platform, Oolys, serves as a unique API infrastructure while providing wealth management, insurance and banking services, particularly in Banking, Financial Services, and Wealth Management industries.


Closing off our list of notable startups is Popularowl. This startup helps in building public-facing APIs and API platforms, catering to sectors like e-commerce, financial, and telecommunications companies.

In conclusion, these are some of the exciting developer APIs startups making waves in the UK. With these technology innovators in the game, we can’t help but imagine a promising future for tech in Britain and beyond.

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