Who are London’s Most Influential Angel Investment Startups in 2023?

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London’s ambitious entrepreneurs and driven innovators are continuously launching forward-thinking startups that are ripe for angel investment. A lucrative funding landscape makes London a hotbed of opportunity for angel investors. This article highlights some of these startup ventures with the credentials and capability to generate substantial returns. These startups’ exciting propositions span industries such as fintech, creative agency, management consulting, venture capital, trading, risk management, and real estate investment.

Innovation and ideas are clearly not in short supply in the capital, but to truly scale and accelerate growth, these startups require the financial support of willing angel investors. Below, we profile each investment opportunity, outlining its mission, industry focus, and founding team. For investors, this provides an overview of the potential investment opportunities currently available in London’s dynamic startup scene.

Founder bios, when available, are included, and links to each company’s website are provided to find more detailed information. So, whether you’re a seasoned angel investor or a novice, read on to discover a selection of London’s most promising startups.


ROKITA GROUP is a multifaceted conglomerate primarily focusing on business support services in the financial sector. Their innovative solution fuses Angel Investment, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Creative Agency, Marketing, and Software to stimulate revenue generation for their clients. The venture is steered by its founder, Jan Rokita.

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Skygate Capital

An illustrious firm, Skygate Capital invests in and advises companies that want to utilize disruptive technology. With roots in Angel Investment, Management Consulting, Venture Capital, the company was set up by Connor B. Milner.

Arkstons Investments

Operating in Angel Investment, Banking, Finance, Financial Services, Impact Investing, Venture Capital, Arkstons Investments provides advisory services on Private Equity and Venture Capital Investments, M&A, and Capital Raise. The company was founded by Binesh Balan.


Halkin is a valued investment holdings company with a focus on Angel Investment, Financial Services, and Real Estate. The founders of this enterprise remain undisclosed.

Lyall Ventures

Headed by Anthony Lyall, Lyall Ventures is a family office that invests in UK VC funds, startups, and scale-ups. Their investments span from early-stage up to Series-A. They pride themselves in offering investors sector-agnostic opportunities.

Aleph Commodities

Aleph Commodities is a leading trading company offering investment, logistics, and risk management solutions across the commodities supply chain, which serve a cohort of clients within the Angel Investment, Logistics, Risk Management, and Trading Platform industries.

Home Grown

Home Grown, an Angel Investment company, provides online events, webinars, and hotel services for entrepreneurs, sophisticated investors, and trusted experts. Details of the founders are not disclosed.

Expat Investment Group

Backing innovative teams that redefine their industries, Expat Investment Group operates within the Angel Investment, Asset Management, Finance, Financial Services, Hedge Funds, and Venture Capital fields. The venture is syndicated with MFO&SFO and can access more than £200MM.

Creo Invest

Specialising in sourcing high-growth investment funds for businesses, Creo Invest is an investment brokerage that operates in Angel Investment, Consulting, and Venture Capital. It’s founders remain undisclosed.

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AYA Ventures

An emerging firm, AYA Ventures focuses on Muslim entrepreneurs and the Halal Market. Founded by Arif Hussein and Hassan Askari Dhanji, the company operates within the Angel Investment and Venture Capital arena.


Functioning in Angel Investment, Consulting, Real Estate Investment, and Venture Capital, G PLUS QUANT works to connect investors with startups. The remarkable venture is led by Aljoša Domijan and Damir Ibrahimagic Kopinic.


Offering founders, early employees and investors the chance to sell shares in private companies, Incept is a secondary marketplace thriving in the Angel Investment, FinTech, Impact Investing, Marketplace, and Venture Capital industry.


Specialising in long-term value investing, private investment company CleverInvest operates in multiple areas such as Angel Investment, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Incubators, Mobile Payments, Payments, Real Estate Investment, and Venture Capital. The startup was initiated by Jacobo Guerra.

SIF Ventures UK

Early Stage Web3 VC, SIF Ventures UK, is a key player in the Angel Investment, Blockchain, Real Estate Investment, and Venture Capital sectors. The inauguration of this venture was led by Ferda Kert.

Ocean Wall

Ocean Wall is a financial firm offering investment, hedge funds, venture capital, events, and financial services. The firm’s operations are steeped in Angel Investment, Consulting, Events, Financial Services, and Venture Capital. The founders’ details are yet to be disclosed.

All these startups offer unique investment opportunities for angel investors looking to diversify their portfolios with a range of industry sectors and fields. Investors can find specific profit-generating opportunities that align with their individual investment strategies and risk tolerance. However, it is always crucial to conduct comprehensive due diligence before making any investment decisions.

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