Which UK Professional Networking Startups Are Revolutionising The Business Sphere?

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The UK startup scene is booming, particularly within the realm of professional networking, as entrepreneurs seek to leverage technology to build communities, forge connections, and bridge gaps across industries. In this article we take a closer look at 15 notable UK-based startups that are making waves in the professional networking space. From online communities for female entrepreneurs to a platform matching co-founders, these companies offer unique solutions to facilitate networking and collaboration.

With insightful features such as e-learning, career planning and events management, these ventures are transforming the professional landscape, and are anticipated to continue influencing the way people connect, collaborate and grow in their careers. These startups operate in an array of sectors such as fintech, mobile apps, consulting, and air transportation. They are contributing to the sustained development of industries by fostering meaningful connections.

Let’s delve into these groundbreaking startups, learn about what they do, the industries they serve and the innovative people behind these ventures.

A League of Her Own

Anchor to a wealth of online communities for female entrepreneurs is A League of Her Own. It caters to numerous industries such as business development, communities, e-learning, professional networking and social networking. A spirited endeavour by Charly Lester, this platform encourages and supports women entrepreneurs.

Co-Founders Club

Tom Steck’s Co-Founders Club is an outlet for aspiring entrepreneurs to find their business partner during a collaborative learning process. It operates at the intersection of collaboration, e-learning, online portals and professional networking.

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Queen Mary Business & Enterprise Society

A brilliant initiative catering to Fintech, startups and coding sectors is the Queen Mary Business & Enterprise Society. It is an education, enterprise, fintech and professional networking platform that uplifts industry standards.


Offering a unique blend of B2B, consulting, information technology, professional networking, SaaS, and Software, Kandu is a venture by Jenni Young and Nina Lovelace that fuels growth in a better way.


In the mobile apps, professional networking and social media sectors, Daisie is an impressive platform. Founded by Dom Santry and Maisie Williams, it is a place where creators learn together.


PushFar, founded by Ed Johnson and Gabriel Sirbu, is a leading career progression and mentoring platform that streamlines mentoring in communities. It also provides SaaS and software solutions for professional networking.

The Multiplayer Group

In the arena of computer vision, gaming, graphic design and software, The Multiplayer Group is a video game development company that also caters to professional networking.

Frontiers Meetings

Organizing luminous international conferences in life sciences, pharmaceutical science and healthcare, Frontiers Meetings is a professional networking platform that proffers an opportunity for people from different industries to connect and share ideas.

FTE Innovation & Startup Hub

FTE Innovation & Startup Hub, founded by Daniel Coleman, is an air transport innovation network that connects corporate innovators with air transport specific startups. It combines air transportation, event management, event promotion and professional networking in a unique blend.


Meetual, founded by Anton Firth and Praveen Prathapan serves the dating app space. They has created a professional networking platform to connect people online.

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In an attempt to humanize digital environments, Xerta optimizes IT infrastructure, professional networking and professional services.

Pallot Cook Consulting

On the cutting edge of technology, Pallot Cook Consulting offers niche skill sets in technology, revolving around consulting, human resources, and professional networking.


Dynamic duo Adam Mitcheson and Damien Shiells have launched my2be, an online mentoring SaaS platform. It operates in the career planning, employee benefits, IT, PaaS, professional networking, and SaaS industries.


Shub.one, brought to the professional networking scene by Adrian Wheeler and Mark Fryer, allows professionals to network, promote, expand, and grow their businesses or careers.

Centuro Global

Centuro Global, founded by Zain Ali, provides global expansion support to companies. It operates in the HR, legal tech, professional networking and professional services sectors, making global expansion easier for businesses.

These startups prove the breadth and diversity within UK’s innovative network. They are not just moving their respective industries forward but are sharing their knowledge and platforms to help others move ahead. Keep a close eye on these ventures, as they are set to reshape the professional networking realm in the UK and likely beyond. UKT.news will continue to highlight such promising startups that are reinventing networking in contemporary business spectrums.

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