Which UK Environmental Engineering Startups Impact Climate Change Solutions?

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Environmental engineering is a growing field in the United Kingdom, with several startups emerging that address various pressing environmental issues such as pollution, water scarcity, waste management, and renewable energy. We have collated a list of some of the most innovative environmental engineering startups in the country, highlighting the impact they are making in their respective fields.

These startups are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in environmental engineering, offering unique solutions to persistent environmental problems. From air quality biotech solutions to hydrogen storage, and even space travel, these enterprises are making a difference one innovation at a time.

Let’s have a closer look at these exciting ventures in the environmental engineering sector in the UK. Here are the top 15 environmental engineering startups in the United Kingdom:

Bell Flow Systems

Bell Flow Systems is an industrial company specialising in the measurements, monitoring, and control of liquid. Their products are widely used in the environmental engineering sector.

BIG Atom

Co-founded by Alexander Guslisty and Toby Moss, BIG Atom is on a mission to end polymer waste. They develop infrastructure for processing waste and are making significant strides in the area of waste management and recycling.


WATR is a clean energy company co-founded by Glyn Cotton and Scott Porter. They specialise in developing self-powered, portable, and easy-to-install water monitors with live data dashboards and notification alerts.

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U-Earth, founded by Betta Maggio, offers biotech solutions based on their unique technology and global community aimed at improving air quality.

Phox Water

Phox Water, founded by Scott Dickson, specialises in eco-friendly water filtration systems and delivers raw materials in sustainable packaging.


H2 GREEN aims to provide a solution for large-scale hydrogen storage in proximity to towns and cities across the UK.

Stortec Engineering

Stortec Engineering offers comprehensive water engineering solutions, specialising in total biogas from concept and supply chain to completion.

Total Clean Air

Total Clean Air is a provider of bio-decontamination, clean air, and containment solutions.

OUTER Industries

OUTER Industries provides advanced engineering technology, with operations spanning from environmental engineering to aerospace and even space travel.


Co-founded by Ian Skene, Raymond Cowan, and Yvonne Walker, Recycl8 is an environmental tech company specialising in renewable energy and waste management.

NEO Energy

NEO Energy is focused on combining value creation with high Environmental, Social and Governance standards in the North Sea basin.

Lloyds Datum Group

Lloyds Datum Group is a civil engineering company that provides pile foundation testing, structural monitoring, and geotechnical services.

Zero Carbon Humber

Zero Carbon Humber aims to decarbonising and creating a carbon-neutral industrial cluster.


RESOLVE is an initiative designed to give scientists an efficient way to put their carbon capture and storage research into practice.

Protium Green Solutions

Founded by Chris Jackson, Protium Green Solutions develops green hydrogen and fuel cell projects. They are a frontrunner in the energy and environmental engineering industry.

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