Which UK Sales Startups Are Transforming the Industry in 2023?

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UK Rising Startups Disrupting Sales

In the challenging landscape of sales, agility, and innovation are key. Startups across the UK are leveraging technology to transform sales processes, delivering unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness. From AI-powered business intelligence tools to eco-friendly food wraps, the diversity and creativity of these ventures are remarkable. Accordingly, we present 15 UK startups that are innovating the sphere of sales.


Shelfalytics offers real-time analytics for retailers and distributors—reinventing shelf management and inventory control. Founded by Constantin Prijilevschi, Serghei Alexei, and Valentin Prijilevschi, Shelfalytics is disrupting the Analytics, Real Time, and Sales industries.

BeeBee & Leaf

Providing a natural and eco-conscious alternative, BeeBee & Leaf makes wax food wraps that are both sustainable and reusable. Thier unique product is transforming the Food and Beverage, Retail, Sales, and Wholesale sectors.

The Bloom Factory

Helping to brighten up homes and offices across the UK, The Bloom Factory is an online flower boutique. They provide flowers through a digital platform—changing the E-commerce, Retail, Sales, and Flowers industry.

Radiate B2B

Enhancing advertising platforms, Radiate B2B monitors company activity to determine market activity. Founded by Mike Weston and Riaz Kanani, this startup is transforming the B2B, Advertising, Business Intelligence, Marketing, SaaS, Sales and Sales Automation sectors.

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Itoma Lux

Itoma Lux integrates finance, marketing, and sales solutions, increasing chances of commercial success in property development. Founded by Eric Tomaszewski, it’s making waves in Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, Finance, Green Building, Presentation Software, Real Estate, Real Estate Investment, Residential, Sales and Smart Cities industries.

Scentsy UK – Independent Scentsy Consultant

Scentsy UK offers scented candles and electric wax warmers online, adding a personal touch to your space with a selection of fragrant products. Founded by Lisa Garrity, it operates in Consumer, Direct Sales, Manufacturing, and Retail sectors.


Boosting sales and customer service effectiveness with AI, Samim.ai is making a real impact. Founded by Rahul Chakkara, the startup is pushing boundaries in Artificial Intelligence, Customer Service, Machine Learning, and Sales.

Seba Trade

Seba Trade operates in the online grocery and retail sector, offering a comprehensive trading platform for food products.

Lead Intuition

Marketing Automation and Sales Enablement Software Provider Lead Intuition, founded by Jean O’Donovan and Mark Godfrey, is changing the landscape in Information Technology, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation and Software.

Drinksology Kirker Greer

Drinksology is a merchant wholesaler in the wine and beverage industry—their online platform is a one-stop shop for wine connoisseurs and beverage lovers alike.

Manta Store

Revolutionising physiotherapy product sales, Manta Store sells cohesive bandages, sports tapes, and more, through its online portal, venturing into the E-Commerce, Medical, Retail and Sales sectors.

London Sake

Specialising in Japanese sake, London Sake‘s e-commerce platform allows for the easy purchase and delivery of this traditional Japanese beverage, diversifying the E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Marketing, and Sales industries.

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Clarity Stack

Clarity Stack, founded by Ben Harper, offers an AI-powered business intelligence tool for B2B leads and sales insights, pushing the frontier in B2B, Lead Generation, Market Research, SaaS, Sales, and Sales Automation sectors.

Grass & Co.

Grass & Co. is one of the leading CBD and wellness brands in the UK. Founded by Ben Grass and Matthew Snyman, the startup is working in Cannabis, E-Commerce, Health Care, Marketing, Sales, and Wellness industries.


Boosting email deliverability, Allegrow, founded by Kieran Baker, Radu Oprea, and Ruari Baker, ensures your emails reach the priority inbox, not the spam folder. This startup is taking over the Advertising, SaaS, Sales Automation, and Software sectors.

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