Which UK Social Entrepreneurship Startups are Influencing Sustainable Development?

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Today’s entrepreneurial scene is no longer just about profit. A rising tide of businesses known as social entrepreneurship startups are using innovative approaches to confront social and environmental issues. These are purpose-led companies, driven to contribute positively to society and the planet, while creating sustainable businesses. Here, we showcase 15 of the most interesting UK-based social entrepreneurship startups you need to know.

Social entrepreneurship covers a wide array of sectors, from traditional industries like charity and retail to emerging fields like artificial intelligence and software. Each of these startups use their unique solutions to tackle different challenges, but what unites them is their commitment to making a positive impact beyond profit. Some use technology to innovate and alleviate pressing social problems, while others focus on sustainability and the wellbeing of our planet.

Dive in, and discover how these businesses are making a real difference in the world, as they define a new model of entrepreneurship that looks beyond the bottom line. Ready? Let’s go.


Buengo is a superb example of an app that combines charity, e-commerce, non-profit, and social entrepreneurship. Co-founded by Alex Hancock and Fela Hughes, it allows people to sell items they no longer need and donate the proceeds to good causes, encouraging a sharing economy and sustainable lifestyle.


Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, social entrepreneurship, and software converge in Logically. Founded by Lyric Jain, this startup combines AI with expert analysts to quickly and efficiently tackle misinformation and disinformation.

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LifeAidUK, founded by Chris Richards, is a unique hybrid of retail, non-profit, and social entrepreneurship. Their business straddles multiple industries including coffee, confectionery and retirement, with a firm commitment to social causes.


FACE DONATE is revolutionising the concept of online donations. Founded by Alberto De Biasio and Alexandr Kulakov, it makes giving no longer faceless, connecting those who are in need with those who can help.


Tuki, founded by Jordan Kupersmith, Jorge Martins, and Udai Dhamija, enables businesses to engage and manage their team within their trusted community, aligning with social impact and entrepreneurship principles.


FUTRSMPL is a marketing SaaS platform aiming to empower purpose-led entrepreneurs. It provides tools and expert support to help businesses develop their own marketing strategies.


Facilitating effective engagement with stakeholders and employees, Goodsted created by Selin Yigitbasi-Ducker, is a platform aiming to advance social and environmental goals, while reporting on impact.

Circle Squared

Circle Squared, founded by Jeff Sica and Mark Goldstone, is a platform bridging businesses’ CSR efforts and consumers’ access to this information, demonstrating a thoughtful blend of environmental consulting, IT, and machine learning.


Combining e-commerce, SEO, and social entrepreneurship, YouCan is a platform specializing in e-commerce solutions.


Founded by Jamal Khayyat and Karim Samra, ChangeLabs partners with leading organizations to develop entrepreneurship and innovation programs, championing business development and social entrepreneurship.

Big Youth Group

Big Youth Group is another unique startup on a mission to improve the odds for young people aged 18-30 years old around the world.


Helmed by Lino Velev, Farstar consults on international development programs from their design to execution, integrating collaboration, emerging markets, and social entrepreneurship in their strategies.

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The Ticket Bank

With its roots in the events and ticketing industry, The Ticket Bank, founded by Nev Mosey and Steve Rimmer, targets social issues by matching event tickets to disadvantaged and marginalized individuals through partnerships with charities and event organizers.

otherDOTS Foundation

With David Vicary and Maria Matloub at the helm, the otherDOTS Foundation represents the epitome of social entrepreneurship with the aim of creating impactful strategies and ventures.

60 Decibels

60 Decibels, founded by Sasha Dichter and Tom Adams, focuses on social impact measurement and customer insights. They bring speed and repeatability to social impact measurement, a crucial tool for social entrepreneurs.

The above startups exemplify the power of social entrepreneurship, leveraging innovative solutions to confront pressing social issues whilst maintaining a sustainable business practice. Through their resourceful mix of purpose and profit, these companies are at the forefront of a business revolution, demonstrating that entrepreneurship can be a powerful tool for change.

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