Which UK Video Conferencing Startups are Pioneers in Remote Collaboration?

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In recent years, remote work has become increasingly popular. Advances in communication technology have been fundamental to its viability, making it easier than ever for teams to connect and collaborate, regardless of geographical location. Video conferencing has emerged as a significant tool in facilitating virtual cooperative efforts. In the United Kingdom, numerous startups have leaped on the opportunity to develop innovative solutions in this sector.

Each of these startups delivers unique value to the demanding digital landscape, shaping the ways virtual teams interact and do business. The pandemic further underscored the importance of video conferencing technology as organizations big and small shifted to remote work. However, these companies were already leading the charge, taking advantage of new technologies and applying them in creative, dynamic ways.

In this article, we spotlight 15 intriguing UK startups that have been making waves within the video conferencing industry. Each one offers a fresh perspective and may very well serve as integral platforms for remote teams around the globe.


EventsX is taking a big step into the future with their AI-led virtual events platform that includes a built-in marketplace. The startup shines in the convergence of enterprise software, event management, SaaS, and video conferencing. It was founded by Darshana Prageeth Manikkuwadura and Shoaib Aslam.


Previously known as VRtuoso, ARuVR offers an enterprise XR content creation alongside real-time guided content consumption, and live-streaming SaaS platform. The founders, Frank Furnari, and Marco Moncalvo, synergize augmented reality, e-learning, and video conferencing to create a unique collaboration tool.

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Designed as an immersive virtual workspace, Wurkr is a video platform that allows teams to work together from anywhere. Founders Annil Chandel and Tim Lloyd are pushing boundaries in industries like collaboration, software, video conferencing, and virtual workforce.

Purple Visits

Offering online video calling services, Purple Visits occupies a space in the meeting software, video chat, and video conferencing industry. This startup was founded by George Kyriacou.


Augmented Reality meets Mobile Video Calling in Tutch. This UK startup offers next-generation communication tools, blurring the lines between AR, social media, and video conferencing.


Maria Wlosinska created Unlock with the vision of injecting fun activities into remote teams’ operations. Through a blend of social network, software, and video conferencing, Unlock redefines team building in the digital age.


Hopin, founded by Johnny Boufarhat, connects communities through virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. It occupies a unique space in the video conferencing industry, with a particular focus on events and meeting software interfaces.


At the intersection of learning and entertainment lies TimeMarket. Founded by Alex Trygubenko, this platform serves as a marketplace for online video meetings and events, adding a unique blend to the EdTech, ticketing, and video conferencing sectors.


Founded by Andreas Vollmer and Sean O’Keefe, OpenTeam is a virtual office platform that enables teams to communicate, collaborate and bond from anywhere. It combines collaboration, meeting software, and video conferencing services.

Bondi Platform Ltd

Bondi Platform Ltd offers a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that includes fully encrypted tools for communication and data sharing. The startup was founded by Andrea Dutto, Gabriele Schiavone, and Pissarello Marco.

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Kosy successfully connects people through video, voice, and content sharing. Founders Sam Meurs and Yanis Mellata offer a diverse means of teamwork and brainstorming for businesses in the video conferencing sector.


Specializing in assisting with personalized time management, TimeNavi merges analytics, real-time data, and video conferencing to develop a tool that improves team efficiency.

Fox AV

Fox AV provides bespoke solutions for network services and video conferencing. The startup takes pride in its niche offering, contributing to the betterment of professional networking and communication infrastructure.


Founded by Pawel Borkowski, flat.social hosts fun online events and meetings. They occupy a unique space in the events software and video conferencing sectors, enabling organizations to engage in more dynamic and interactive remote collaborations.


Bringing your team together, no matter the location is what Jarvo stands for. Founded by Daniel Hillman, this UK startup offers a robust cloud HQ for communities and contributes to the ever-expanding video conferencing and virtual workforce industries.

In conclusion, the UK video conferencing startup scene is bustling with innovative ideas and solutions aimed at improving the way we work and connect. These 15 startups exemplify the spirit of entrepreneurship and technological advancement in the sphere of virtual collaboration.

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