Who Are Leeds’ Most Influential Information Technology Startups in 2023?

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Leeds, the largest city in the county of West Yorkshire, England, synonymous with a rich history dating back to the 5th century is at present, experiencing a burgeoning information technology sector. An amalgamation of established firms and sprouting start-ups, this historical city nurtures an eco-system of innovation littered with varying solutions aimed at a plethora of industries. Here are intriguing accounts of 15 groundbreaking start-ups from Leeds, dwelling in the realm of Information Technology.

Digital Wealth Solutions

Digital Wealth Solutions is revolutionizing the FinTech industry with its digital platform tailored for financial advice firms. This IT company aids provision of regulated advice which thrives in the Information Services sector.

Hero Wellbeing

Managed by the ambitious Joe Gaunt, Hero Wellbeing stands as a beacon of positive influence on individuals, organizations, and communities. Hero Wellbeing, under its IT umbrella, supports all forms of healthy behaviours.


SatSense is an innovative spin-out under the capable leadership of Andrew Wallace that leverages software to monitor and detect deterioration of building foundations.

One Compliance

One Compliance provides data privacy and cybersecurity services. It lends its expertise in Information Technology to bolster security and privacy aspects for organizations.

Blog Shack

Blog Shack embarks on the mission of assisting businesses with their digital marketing. As an advertising company, it employs IT to provide exemplary service.

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Neeko Technology Services

Neeko Technology Services is an IT firm that offers solutions to aid the public sector in enhancing the use of IT while reducing overall costs.


TrainingToolz demonstrates how Information Technology can be weaved into Training and Publishing industry. It provides an online training toolkit platform that helps orchestrate and create training and policy.

Code Grazer Ltd

Launched by Nicodemo Gawronski, Code Grazer Ltd offers niche security services via pentesting, adding another layer of security to businesses.


SeeAI marries healthcare with AI, building diagnostic tools providing diagnosis reports based on images within a minute, thus expediting healthcare processes.


Providing services such as SaaS, data science, analytics, machine learning, supply chain, and marketing solutions, HyperFinity is an IT company that engineers comprehensive data solutions.

Third Foundation

Third Foundation, a B2B organization, is your partner for marketing assets, AI-driven data decisions, and machine learning campaign services.


A brainchild of Paul Roberts, Nomify is an app that creates an efficient workspace by consolidating news, events, nominations, and staff holiday planning.


Earthchain empowers brands and assists their customers in embracing sustainability, thus promoting a green world.

Roma Systems

Roma Systems carries forward the baton of software solutions, contributing to the IT and Software Engineering industry.


Last but not least, pioneered by Andrew Mason and Robin Hill, ShadowAPI is a cybersecurity company that focuses on API and web application security via its SaaS platform.

In conclusion, Leeds serves as a fertile breeding ground for a variety of IT startups, each bringing unique perspectives and solutions to the market. Whether it is healthcare digitization, sustainability initiatives, or formidable cybersecurity solutions, Leeds is nurturing a potent mix of tech brilliance that is fuelling the growth of modern industries.

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