Who are the Game-Changing TV Startups Revolutionising UK Broadcasting?

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Tensions are high as we link technology and creativity from an interesting and innovative list of startups that have redefined TV production in the United Kingdom. Get ready to dive into the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of TV startups, a blend of artistry, technology, and business-savvy foresight. These startups introduce new voices and perspectives, reshaping the way we create and consume TV content.

From companies focusing on virtual reality to those revamping traditional TV Production with Web3 solutions and focusing their efforts on niche genres, the landscape is versatile and enriched with innovation. These startups introduce novel concepts and challenge traditional TV norms adding a unique flair to UK’s TV Production.

Let’s delve into the mission, goals, and successes of these trendsetting TV startups that are set to redefine and reshape the future of television in the UK. Here are 15 innovative TV startups you should be watching.

Parable Works

Parable Works is a unique crossover between a virtual reality and television studio and agency. Established by David Wise and James Harris, the company provides an interesting mesh of technology and creativity. Spanning sectors like advertising, broadcasting, media, TV production, and more, they’ve made their mark on the entertainment industry.

The Art Show

The Art Show brings together entertainment, sports, news, and magazines to cater to a global audience through its television series. It adds richness to TV programming with a diverse range of content. The company operates in the media and entertainment, TV, and TV production spaces.

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Founded by Dean Carni and Dima Os, Vironic operates in the realm of programmatic video advertising. They add a new layer to TV and mobile app marketing through their innovative advertising strategies.

iEurope Broadcasting

iEurope Broadcasting ventures into diverse areas including news, movies, events, sports, music, and TV shows. The brainchild of Alexander Thorn, the company broadcasts both live and recorded content for a global audience.

BOLT Global

BOLT Global offers a glimpse into the future of media and entertainment by integrating Web3 solutions. Founded by Christel Quek and Jamal Hassim, the company is pioneering the future of TV.


Realmless caters to TV production through its event service offerings. Led by Antony Adel, the organization operates in content and event management.


Panchroma is creating the next generation of production/post-production services. Their aim is to revolutionize the Film and TV production industry.

Wonderhood Studios

Founded by Aidan McClure, Alex Best, and David Abraham, Wonderhood Studios was built to create ideas that shift culture for brands and broadcasters. This creative company is making waves in film production and media entertainment.

Onit Studio

Delivering comprehensive digital marketing, film, and tv production services, Onit Studio is a one-stop solution for advertising and broadcasting needs.


SMASH is a SaaS platform that brings together diverse content creators and decision-makers in the film and TV industry. It was founded by Christine Hartland, Fiona Gillies, and Mahesh Ramachandra.

True Royalty TV

True Royalty TV is a channel dedicated to all things royal, offering unique content. The company was founded by Edward Mason and Gregor Angus.

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Acorn TV

Acorn TV is a one-stop solution for Northern Ireland’s fully equipped crewing and rental needs. Their services make them a prominent player in the broadcasting sector.

Sky Studios

Producing much of Sky’s programming output, Sky Studios is a provider of enviable broadcasting and TV production.

Soho Media Club

Co-founded by Jaisica Lapsiwala and Tomasz Witkowski, Soho Media Club offers media production, post-production, and content creation services. They are also known for engaging meetups and collaborations.

Black Cat Global

Black Cat Global, founded by Julian Rigamonti, invests, launches, and produces television channels and digital brands. They are shaping the future of TV production with their unique investment strategies.

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