Who are London’s Top Influential Personal Development Startups in 2023?

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Personal development is a major trend of the 21st century. In the modern world, everyone is continually seeking self-improvement– easy accessibility to resources has significantly facilitated this process. Today, we explore some inspiring startups based out of London that are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses prosper.

The fact that personal development transcends an array of industries has given rise to a diverse range of startups providing innovative services and products. From SaaS platforms strengthening personal branding to consultants shaping leadership behaviors and wellness studios promoting mental wellbeing, London startups have a broad spectrum.

Here, we bring you fifteen leading personal development startups from London that have made significant contributions to the industry with their revolutionary ideas and solutions. Read on to discover how these startups are paving the way for a future where people have all the tools they need to unleash their potential.


Co-founded by Domantas Bakutis, Cvsite.io is a SaaS Cv platform that helps individuals elevate their personal branding and step up their personal development. They operate in the personal branding, SaaS, and personal development industry.


Founded by Julian Cook and Kim Monney, Howamigoing is a feedback and public praise software that delivers innovative solutions. The startup operates in B2B, SaaS, Software, Human Resources, and Personal development.


Brink, co-founded by Abigail Freeman, leverages behavioral innovation and creative thinking to facilitate positive change in organisations. The startup operates in Consulting, EdTech, and personal development industry.

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The Frida Project

Founded by Vivian Rothberg, The Frida Project is a mobile app offering online therapy and personal development. They serve in health care, mobile apps, software, personal development, wellness, and women’s industry.

Ignium Consulting

Ignium Consulting offers leadership development, coaching, scaling up and case studies services. The company excels in Consulting, personal development, and training.

Re:Mind Studio

Re:Mind Studio, founded by Yulia Kovaleva, is an open-access meditation studio offering 30-45 minute meditation classes. They focus on mHealth, personal development, and personal health.


Employeze is an online platform striving to empower individuals through job, network, and skill development. They serve in personal development, recruiting, and staffing agency.


Founded by Kate Chester, Animo offers coaching, workshops, third sector consultancy, and leadership program solutions. They specialize in consulting, education, personal development, and training.


Skuap is an online platform that facilitates leadership skills and team management. It is recognized in the management consulting, personal development, and skill assessment industry.

Self-Worth Academy

Self-Worth Academy is devoted to promoting self-worth, professional and personal life, education, and leadership. They function in the career planning, personal development, professional services, and training industry.

Platinum Management

Platinum Management provides personal management services for artists looking to establish their career in the entertainment industry. They specialize in advice, consulting, and personal development.

The Bedrock Program

Co-founded by Audrey Hametner, The Bedrock Program builds careers founded on values. They specialize in EdTech, gaming, and personal development.

Anvex Education

Anvex Education, founded by Raluca Diana Papuc, is on a mission to create the most student-centric mobile app for personalized learning. They serve in customer service, e-learning, EdTech, mobile apps, and personal development.

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Founded by Ben Parker and Dom Maskell, Runna empowers people to train better and enjoy running. They serve in fitness, personal development, sports, and training.


Co-founded by Jorge Requena and Nick Hatter, FDBK presents a unique dating app that rewards users for their personal development and giving feedback. They serve in the dating, personal development, and social network industry.

These startups have taken Personal Development to an innovative level, redefining the way individuals perceive and approach self-improvement. Let’s watch how these companies continue to transform London’s Personal Development landscape.

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