Who are the Most Influential Freelance Startups in the UK?

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In recent years, the freelance industry in the UK has grown by leaps and bounds. There are a multitude of incredible startups working to support this ever-growing sector of the workforce, transforming how freelancers find work, manage projects and stay ahead in their fields. From fintech tools specially designed for the self-employed to marketplaces connecting freelancers with clients, we explore some exciting UK startups worth keeping an eye on.


Nodal is turning recruitment on its head. By employing the power of blockchain technology, the startup is giving a new face to workforce management in the Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Freelance, and SaaS industries. Founded by Oliver Hibbs-Brockway, Nodal is merging tech and talent in a revolutionary way.


For self-employed individuals, managing finances and filing taxes gets a whole lot easier with Finmo. J.D. Rainey and Sei Moon designed this nifty tool to simplify the financial landscape for freelancers and improve their financial health.


PAYSAP is another standout financial tool for freelancers. Founded by Deni Krevesic and Helen Zec, this fintech company provides Invoice Finance and Credit control solutions, rendering financial support to Freelancers, Start-ups and Micro businesses.

Quid Job

Quid Job is an online platform that supports the buying and selling of micro-services. Whether you’re looking to offer online or offline services, this freelance marketplace provides a stable platform for all.


Launched by Mike Minett, PORTABL.co seeks to provide freelancers worldwide with insurance and benefit solutions. Their offerings range from community-building endeavors to personal finance advice, making them a one-stop-shop for freelance resources.

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On Globashare, an online marketplace started by Robert Hammond, freelancers can access a wealth of online work opportunities, making the digital media and marketplace industries more accessible to independent workers.


UnderPinned, founded by Albert Azis-Clauson and Jack Williams, develops comprehensive management systems for freelancers and small businesses, covering niches such as coworking, CRM, media and entertainment, SaaS, and more.


A virtual freelance hub, YOVI provides businesses with a platform to collaborate with talented freelancers, offering outsourcing and virtual workforce solutions.


Prolancer, created by Saman Nejad, connects businesses to top-rated professional freelancers in the software and technology field. Their aim is to enable businesses to connect faster, hire smarter, and work better.


Healthcare communications freelancers can find leverage through Talus. This freelance platform connects skilled professionals with opportunities in the healthcare and medical industries.


Your go-to remote work resource hub and community awaits at relak.co, the brainchild of founder Adriana Nem. This platform provides digital marketing information services along with virtual assistance.


Heep is a next-generation freelance platform catering specifically to no-code, low-code and automation experts. It matches these specialists with employers who have specific project needs.

Crowd Employee

Pioneered by Sam Enrico Williams, Crowd Employee pays crowd workers monetary rewards for computer-based tasks, making finance simpler for freelancers.


DeskScout is a co-working search platform for remote workers, freelancers, short-term business travelers, and small business owners, looking for suitable workspaces.

House Service App

Connecting domestic service providers to households in need of home services is House Service App, the brainchild of Anisa Abdulrahman. Service options range from cleaning to gardening and maintenance.

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The world of freelance continues to evolve and these startups are at the forefront of this evolution. Supporting freelancers with innovative resources and tools, they’re shaping the future of independent work. For more updates on startup news, stay tuned to UKT.news.

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