Which London-Based Women’s Startups Are Revolutionising the UK Tech Scene?

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London, England; a renowned hub of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. But, it’s not just blue-chip companies and established brands that are making waves in the city. A number of women-led and women-focused start-ups are also rising to prominence, offering unique products and services that cater specifically to a female audience. Today, we cast the spotlight on 15 such start-ups from various industries laden with female determination and ingenuity.

From cutting-edge healthcare solutions to personalised shopping platforms, these start-ups showcase the diversity and strength of women in business. Each building upon the increased momentum and recognition of women’s roles within the business sphere. They are testament to the growing influence of women within the entrepreneurial world, and primed to make a significant impact in their respective industries.

Let’s delve in and take a closer look at these trailblazers, their ventures and visions for the future.


SODA SAYS, headed by Grace Gould, caters to the tech-savvy woman looking to understand and shop the latest in technology. Positioned as a leading lifestyle destination, their offering spans across E-Commerce and internet products targeted specifically for women.


Championing a digital ecosystem for hormonal health is Moody, founded by Amy Thomson, Karla Vitrone and Lola Ross. Focused on hormonal health and wellness, their mobile app serves as a comprehensive guide for women to understand, track and manage their health better.

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Parla, under the leadership of Lina Chan, Rhona Eskander and Rose Acton, is revolutionising women’s reproductive health. Providing easy access to diagnostic tests and proactive support, they combine fertility, healthcare and wellness under one roof.


Designing pieces that stand the test of time, Self-Portrait aspires to provide stylish designs that women can cherish forever. This cherished fashion house focusses on creating enduring styles.


Dame. led by Alec Mills and Celia Pool, is making headlines with reusable and sustainable period products. This innovative consumer goods company marries personal health with sustainability to promote eco-friendly alternatives for women.


For affordable and trendy women’s fashion, look no further than Ultamodan. From jewelry to clothing, this women’s fashion hub is a one-stop destination for the style-conscious.

The Frida Project

Founded by Vivian Rothberg, The Frida Project provides an online platform offering therapy and personal development. Their mobile app offers women the chance to seek therapy and personal growth resources at the touch of a button.

Lily and Ribbon

Specialising in maternity wear and nursing clothing, Lily and Ribbon is making motherhood stylish and comfortable. Their online platform caters to the unique sartorial needs of expecting and nursing mothers.

Je sorte

Offering sanitary products that are convenient and cost-effective, Je sorte ensures feminine hygiene is no longer a luxury. Their products are a boon for those seeking a monthly convenience at reasonable prices.

Nishat Linen

Nishat Linen, a premier fashion brand in the UK, brings to the foreign shores, the modest clothing styles of Pakistan. Their collection, offers elegant, and comfortable fashion wear for women.

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NUW (The Nu Wardrobe LTD)

For sustainable fashion, NUW, founded by Aisling Byrne and Alison Kelly, is the place to be. Their app allows users to swap preloved clothing – a great initiative towards sustainable fashion practices.

Fertility Connected

Fertility Connected, co-founded by Andrew Jefferson, Oybek Rustamov and Sherzod Almatov, provides instant and easy access to high-quality fertility services online. It’s a one-stop resource for both men and women looking for fertility solutions.

Hertility Health

Working towards revolutionising reproductive health is Hertility Health. Co-founded by Deirdre O’Neill, Dr. Helen O’Neill and Dr. Natalie Getreu, they aim to make reproductive healthcare easily accessible for all women.

Vira Health

Founded by Andrea Berchowitz and Rebecca Love, Vira Health aims to alleviate menopause symptoms through evidence-based digital therapeutics. Their innovative approach bridges the gap between healthcare and technology.


Hormona is on a mission to revolutionise hormonal health through advanced home testing and AI technology. They provide a tailored approach towards understanding and managing hormonal health issues.

In conclusion, these startups not only resonate with a certain vitality, but also embody the evolving landscape of women’s entrepreneurship in London. Each, in its unique way, serves the women community, providing a range of products and services that cater specifically to their needs. They are each a testament to the spirit and determination of women breaking boundaries, innovating, and leaving their lasting impact in the industry.

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