Who Are the Most Influential Nutrition Startups Revolutionising UK’s Diet?

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In recent years, there has been a significant movement towards better understanding and improvements in nutrition, and a number of UK-based startups are leading the charge. These enterprises are using innovation and cutting-edge research to disrupt the nutrition industry and bring about positive changes to how consumers relate to food. In this article, we will explore 15 significant startups from across the United Kingdom focusing on nutrition – from personalised meal planning to cognitive enhancing supplements.

These startups bear one thing in common – they’re using technology to revolutionise our relationship with nutrition. With a range of innovative tools at their disposal like AI and genetic mapping, these startups offer personalised, scientifically-backed nutritional advice and products. Their foundations range from an emphasis on promoting holistic wellness to a focus on supporting very specific health and lifestyle scenarios.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for inspiration, a health professional seeking to update your toolbox, or someone who desires to improve their wellbeing through nutrition, these startups are worth paying attention to. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these exciting companies and see why they’re earning attention in the nutrition tech world.

Best In Bag

Best In Bag is a mobile trusted-adviser that focuses on providing unbiased rankings and ratings of the nutritional information of your favourite products in the form of an app. They are working within the nutrition and software industries to create transparency and consumer understanding.

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Genetics play a crucial role in our health, and bespoke fitness meal-planning startup NGX is leveraging this knowledge to create the world’s first genetically personalised nutrition shake. Founded by Alex Blyth, Hugo Jones, and Jeremy Poland, NGX operates within the health care, fitness, and nutrition sectors.


With a mission to elevate our cognitive potential and brain health, Heights provides daily nutrients, knowledge, and a supportive network to its customers. It was started by Daniel Murray and Joel Freeman in the areas of nutrition, health care, and wellness.

Mini Mealtimes

Feeding kids can be a challenge, but Mini Mealtimes, a startup by Marie Farmer, acts like a nutritionist in your pocket, offering support and advice 24 hours a day, focused on children’s diets.

Lumina Intelligence

Lumina Intelligence delivers deep actionable insights for the global food, drink, and nutrition sectors using advanced analytics technology. They work within the realms of analytics, information services, management consulting, and nutrition.

The Nest Club

Co-founded by Meera Khanna, The Nest Club redefines antenatal and postnatal care by offering modern educational courses and unyielding support for parents.


HumbleWarrior, the brainchild of Andrew and Rosh Field, is a dynamic beverage company that crafts unique fizzy drinks with extraordinary and beneficial plant ingredients.


Focused on improving athletic performance, Hexis is a personalised fuel-planning app that aids athletes in optimizing their diet and training regimens.

Everly Wellness

Everly Wellness is known for its personalised nutritional products and expert research. Co-founded by Dexter and Jason Grima, this technology healthcare company operates within health care, nutrition, retail, and sales industries.

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CartMe aims to make grocery shopping easier by buying items per your preferences and nutritional needs automatically. It’s a venture by Andreu Palou March and Tabaré Majem focusing on artificial intelligence, grocery, health care, mobile applications, and sustainability.

Nutrition Ivy

An AI-driven startup, Nutrition Ivy, provides personalised meal recommendations to cover daily nutrition needs. Founded by Elisabeth Fruehwirth, it uses AI, healthcare and machine-learning within the nutritional industry.


Feel is a purely nutritional supplements startup dedicated to promoting wellness and optimum health. Founded by Boris Hodakel, it operates within the health care, nutrition, and wellness sectors.


At Alyve, nutrition becomes a tailored experience offering tailor made all-in-one vitamins and at-home blood test kits. It was founded by Sam Price to serve within the health care, home health care, nutrition, personal health, and pharmaceutical industries.


MPowder is a brand that produces high protein vegan powders specifically for women. Founded by Rebekah Brown, they work within food and beverage, nutrition, and women’s health sectors.

The Gym Companion

Last but not least, The Gym Companion is a digital media business dedicated to offering fitness-related content to a global audience, thereby encouraging better health and nutrition online.

Each of these fascinating startups signifies a unique approach to enriching and personalising nutrition. It is a testament to the innovation and creativity of the UK’s dynamic startup scene. We can’t wait to see how these businesses continue to revolutionise the way we think about food, wellness, and overall nutrition!

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